About Kim Clune

I nurture by nature, from friendships and the animals in my care to the greens in my garden. I'm also a world traveler; founder of a local rescue caled Dog House Adoptions; web designer, videographer and photographer at Mixed Media Matters; founder of Be the Change for Animals; and blogger at ThisOneWildLife.com. Find me at Google+!

Lost Your Pet? There’s an ASPCA app for that! #BTC4A

The ASPCA has launched its first interactive mobile application which offers step-by-step instructions on what to do if a pet goes missing.

Blackfish Killer Whale Trainer Makes Big Splash at New York’s Animal Advocacy Day

John Hargrove is co-sponsoring the Orca Welfare and Safety Act in California and similar proposed legislation in New York, hoping to end the use of killer whales in captivity for entertainment.

Wait. Those aren’t Kittens. They’re Fox Pups!

Discovering a little gray fox and his 6 siblings tumbling about in the old hay bales…

BTC4Animals.com Needs a Kick in the Ass! #BTC4A

Be the Change for Animals, the website that we’ve come to know, love, and utterly take for granted, needs a face lift and an attitude adjustment. It’s grown lazy, tired, and has no spark. I don’t like where we’ve ended up since our beautiful founding moment. So, as of right now, I’m 100% back.

Every African Elephant Lost Within 20 Years?

Every single day, 100 African elephants are slaughtered for their tusks. Unless we take action, this beloved animal will be gone forever in the next 20 years .

A Love Letter to My Blog

I’ve missed you, my darling blog. I never stopped loving the stories we’ve crafted and told together.

Say No to Whales! #BTC4A

Say no to new Russian whales in the Georgia Aquarium, a new Albany aquarium, and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! #BTC4A

And Your Bird Won’t Sing – But He’ll Talk to David Louis

Animal Communicator David Louis helped me connect with my bird during his final chapter of life and David has worked with many species, from dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, ferrets and hedgehogs to raccoons and porcupines.

Help Little Molly Spread the Word – No Pet Store Puppies!

Molly and her dog Joey know that puppy mills are bad and why to avoid pet stores that sell puppies. Help her spread the word!

Too Many Mill Dog Rescues. Make It Stop. #BTC4A

Don’t support the puppy mill industry. Help mill dog rescues. Shop ethical pet stores for your pet’s supplies, adopt, or find a reputable breeder.

Fling Poop and Skydive with @GoPetFriendly and @ThisOneWildLife!

What began as dog poop toss between GoPetFriendly and This One Wild Life ended with a 200 mph skydiving adventure.

Neil Brogan Dishes on Life With Dogs!

After creating Life With Dogs, Neil Brogan’s new project remains dedicated to the loves of his life, and we’d expect nothing less from the man who brought us the online dog community with the life of its own.

If Two Black Bears Fornicate on the Front Lawn…

So many bad “bare bears” jokes could go with this bad video… but its truly what happened one dark and rainy June night at our cabin in the woods.

Save a Snapper: Rescue Road Turtles!

How to safely help a turtle cross the road…

“PICK ME!” to Win $10,000 for Rescue Dogs!

Nominate “PICK ME!” Video for the DogTime 2013 Petties Award!

The Moustachioed Wildlife of May!

Move over, Movember. You’ve got nothing on May’s wild mustaches sported by squirrels, phoebes, robins and tree swallows!

Help Comedian Steve Hofstetter End the Mills

Join EndTheMills.com, a legislative campaign by comedian Steve Hofstetter to end all puppy mills once and for all.

What Can Blogging Do for Animal Welfare?

Kim Clune has strategically harnessed the power of new media to enhance animal advocacy efforts both domestic and wild.

My Cat’s on Animal Planet: America’s Cutest Pet!

My cat Jackson kicks off a brand new season of Animal Planet’s America’s Cutest Pet!

The Day Everything Changed by Comedian Steve Hofstetter

Comedian Steve Hofstetter and Sara Tenenbein find an abandoned dog and share a story of excitement, frustration, anger, joy, sadness, and relief.

Save the Bees to Save Our Food! #BTC4A

Tell the E.P.A to protect the food chain, not the biotech companies. The lives of every single being, not just bees, depend upon it.

Edible Undies – for Dogs?

Check out Undies, edible underwear for pets, made entirely from dehydrated, human grade vegetable protein.

It’s just a vote. It can help a dog. Vote Saratoga!

It’s just a vote. It can help a dog. Vote Saratoga Springs the Best City for Pet Travelers today!

Best City for Pet Travelers? VOTE Saratoga Springs!

Vote SARATOGA SPRINGS Best City for Pet Travelers!

An Honest Recall from The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen genuinely wants your pets to be safe just as much as you do. They and their pets eat this food too.

Caption This: Snow Bunnies? #82

What’s up with this cat and dog? Share your best caption!

Caption This #81 – Angry Birds?

Caption this bird!

Win, Win, Win! Marketing Strategies for Animal Rescues, Shelters and Bloggers

Learn marketing strategies for animal rescues, shelters, and bloggers. When these forces combine, they hugely benefit animal rescue and welfare.

African Lions Need Your Help. Right Now.

Endangered African Lions need your help to ban importation of African lions and their parts into the United States.

NEW GoPetFriendly Photo Contest – Join Us!

GoPetFriendly.com announces new Photo Contest with LIFE+DOG. Join the FUN!

Let’s Rock the Rattlesnake Rodeo! – #BTC4A

Urge Rattlesnake Round-Up sponsors to convert inhumane Rodeos into wildlife-friendly, educational festivals!

The Doggone Dirt on Pet Blogging

My Top 5 Pet Peeves about Pet Blogging – because some of it is downright ugly.

The Story of the Christmas Garland

A tender little tale about our house being under construction right up until Christmas Eve (and why we didn’t have the energy to produce a 2011 holiday greeting.)