BARKSTERS™ Krisps Cause Near Amputation

BARKSTERS KrispsThe dogs just received a free care package filled with BARKSTERS™ Krisps Dog Treats. Loving Pets sent them, asking for our honest opinion. We certainly give opinions freely and honestly around here, so I’d say they came to the right place.

These air-puffed treats pack a satisfying crunch, which sounded hysterical as my monsters devoured them. They are oily to the touch, mind you, like yesterday’s onion rings dinner (for me). That’s due to the Rice Bran oil. It’s “rich in antioxidants which reportedly improve cellular health and support the immune system.” That’s what the box says.

I didn’t taste BARKSTERS™ Krisps myself, but I captured my dogs’ honest opinion as they did. We all know dogs don’t feign enjoyment. These are some of the images I shot as my fingers got chomped. (If you want to see my digits being devoured, sorry to disappoint. The pain made it difficult to aim and shoot.)

Drooling BoysWaiting
TastingShamus Slurp

What my dogs don’t know, but I’m glad to, is that BARKSTERS™ Krisps are are wheat-free, gluten-free, and contain no additives or preservatives, they are manufactured in the United States, and they contain only U.S.-grown ingredients. SO, unlike my onion rings, these are healthier, low in fat and boast only 11 calories per treat. Maybe I should taste them after all.

Would your dogs try them?
Do you think they’d like them?
I do.

NOTE: I received no compensation to review this product. The opinions expressed herein are my honest assessment based on observation and personal experience using the free samples I received.


  1. DawgBlogger says:

    Gotta watch them fingers with goodies! 🙂 Our guys are actually very good, even with the yummiest of treats. But a lot of excitement is always a lurking danger for them fingers.

  2. KylaDuffy says:

    We watch a friend’s dog sometimes who will amputate fingers if not careful. I’ve resigned myself to tossing her treats. It’s amazing what she can catch. I could throw it right at the floor, and somehow she would get under it and get it in her mouth. She, for sure, would eat these (and anything else you leave in range).

  3. @DawgBlogger Our guys are usually pretty good, but with my eye up to the view finder, I couldn’t watch them well enough to get out of the way. LOL.

  4. @KylaDuffy Believe it or not, our cats are chompers too. I toss them treats for painless enjoyment!

  5. My little Shih Tzu LOVES these !!!!!!
    No what ???? This is the ONLY thing she can eat withoput starting to scratch like CARZY.
    Someone PLEASE help…. I would LOVE to purchase these for her.
    TRhanks, Kathy

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