Be the Change Challenge

Bloggers around the globe are writing for rescue animals in need to meet the Be the Change Challenge. Words are powerful inspiration for action. To this end, we’re pushing beyond our own reasons for writing in order to coalesce as a grand force for great, great change.


Be The Change

What can one do to Be the Change for animals? Anything! Walk a shelter dog, pet a caged cat, donate time, money, food, resources. Eat dog food. (What? Yes. Dr. V did this on during her Hounds for Haiti blogathon.) Do it once. Do it for life. It doesn’t matter. Just do something.

Your act (and mine) is a vital excellerant in an experimental rocket. Forget “shooting the moon.” Together, we’re shooting for Mars. If each of us makes one small step for animals, we can collectively make a giant leap for rescue organizations like AnimalKind (where we adopted two cats) or AnimaLovers (where we’ve fostered and adopted several dogs).


Three panelists in their Be the Change session at April’s first annual BlogPaws conference in Columbus, Ohio are the inspiration for this momentum. Lynn Haigh, the Pawpawty creator, Dr. V. from Pawcurious, Dorian from Your Daily Cute and panel moderator, Jane Harrell from Petfinder posed an off-the-cuff challenge to their audience. “Let’s do something good,” they said. Anything. No suggestions meant no limits. They randomly selected a Columbus no-kill organization, Pets Without Parents, as a recipient of this good effort and set a donation goal of $500. Attendees planned to spread the message online through email, Facebook, Twitter and blogs. It has already spread to folks who weren’t in attendance but loved the idea, like me. As I write this on Thursday night, 51% of the fundraising goal has already been met — and the plan has yet to unfold.

There you go. An easy way to Be the Change? Donate via the widget to your right.


Join the special online Be the Change BlogPawty on Twitter, April 21-22, 7 pm-1 am EST. Monthly PawPawties like this have raised more than $26,000 for rescue groups over the past year. To learn more, visit the PawPawty website and see the video below created by Lynn Haigh (a.k.a. PawPawty co-founder @frugaldougal).

Compete in trivia games for donated prizes and enjoy chatting with like-minded anipals while DJs spin tunes on, barktenders serve virtual pawtinis and the security team keeps things running smoothly. Barktender tips are made by way of donations. Jump into the discussion and include the #blogpawty hashtag so everybody can track the conversation.


I’d like to re-affirm my own commitment to local animals in need. Fostering for, I worked with Bill, Petey, Moo and especially Emmett, the devil-dog who had run out of adoption options. Fostering felt like I was doing my daily part but, since formally adopting Emmett (a wonderful nutcase wanted by nobody but us),  my care for him and our 3 other rescues feels less contributory to the greater animal population. Unfortunately, we can no longer foster without upsetting the delicate balance. So now what?

  • First up, I’ve decided to donate the design of all print materials needed for the  AnimaLovers’s upcoming silent auction. (Anybody from AnimaLovers reading? You heard it here first!)  This gala event, now in the planning stages, is rife with evening gowns, tasty treats, jewels, antiques, original art, loads of pet products and, most importantly, a ton of generous animal rescue supporters.
  • I have also gone one step further. Always wanting to join a therapy dog program, I’ve been without a well-enough behaved dog until now. This week, I ordered the Delta Society handbook. It’s the first step toward preparing myself and our rescued Newfoundland, Shamus, to become a therapy team. Once Shamus and I are evaluated together and, if he decides this is an enjoyable adventure, it will surely demonstrate that second chance dogs of any kind are valuable not just to their owners but to society as well. We’ll keep you posted.


These are just some of the folks making the effort. This list was begun courtesy of I’m adding to it and tracking the good deeds of all involved. Don’t see yours? Let me know and I’ll add you.

  • About Vet Med – Suggests photographing shelter pets for posting and other great ideas
  • Baby Patches, Nip and Bones – Featuring some terrible, terrible kitties!
  • Biscuits by Lambchop – Started a Featured Shelter Pooch on their Facebook fan page
  • Boulder Dog – Deborah is giving away goodies in the name of Be the Change, but you have to ask nicely 🙂BZTAT Studios – Designed a Be the Change logo available on many types of clothing. All proceeds from sale items displaying this logo go to shelters!
  • Bloggie Stylish – Donating perfectly good “found” items to shelters. Brilliant!
  • BlogPaws – Where it all began…
  • Champion of My Heart – Roxanne proposes donating dog food to food pantries for people with pets and more
  • Chat with Sandy – Sandy isn’t a pet blogger, but she’s blogging about Be the Change anyway
  • Cleo’s Day– Spreading the word through the donation widget and PawPawty
  • Cottage Copy – Holly talks from experience about the importance of adopting older dogs
  • Covered in Cat Hair – Putting faces to the #BetheChange cats of Pets Without Parents
  • Curlz and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex Cats – Donating PawPoints from Scoop Away litter to TABBY’S PLACE
  • Daily Dog Scoop – A simple and perfect message: Do what you can, and donate what you’ve got.
  • Dancing Dog Blog – In support of training service dogs, the sales of Monk-baked dog cookies from Benevolent Bakery provides 10% off the top (not net proceeds) to the dogs. Enter to win or buy some today!
  • Dash Kitten’s Mewsings – Donates pins from her Etsy store, and takes an active part in Etsy for Animals
  • – Features the donation widget to Pets without Parents and promotes the bogpawty
  • Doggies and Stuff – Spread the word about puppy mills, feature adoptable pets and encourage people to adopt and not shop for animals
  • Dog Spelled Forward – Vote for Eric’s rescue story and, if he wins, he’ll give his winnings to Pets Without Parents
  • DogTipper – Donating all of the day’s DogTipper income from every ad and affiliate program to Pets Without Parents
  • Drs. Foster and Smith – They’re making a donation for every comment they receive on this post!
  • Enlightened Ferret – Raising awareness for Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue (HOFA)
  • Fido and Wino – Launched the R.O.A.R. Squad (Rescue Owners are Rockin’!). What an awesome way to promote rescue over pet store purchases! Submit your rescue story. We did!
  • The Girl Blogger – Shares her fostering experience and the importance of letting go for the greater good
  • George the Duck – Listing 12 great ideas to be the change
  • I Love Dogs – Donated $250 to Pets Without Parents and asked other companies to match!
  • I Love Rescue Animals – Featuring PetsWithout Parents and Forever Home Feline Ranch, Nikki &?Ashley also have something up their sleeves for the #BeTheChange pawty which will be announced Sunday
  • Janet’s Veterinary Medicine Blog – Offering ways that non-pet companies can Be the Change for animals, like donating a web design!
  • Jenna’s Dog Blog ( – You can be kind to animals simply by being a responsible dog owner – it’s the most important thing you can do
  • Just Meowin’ – BZTAT Studios‘ cat posted about a Be The Change tee with proceeds going to shelters
  • K9 Chronicles – Stresses the importance of something as simple as spreading the word
  • Life with Dogs – Mr. Author plans to devote a portion of his entertaining, high-traffic blog to important animal causes
  • The Little Dog Speaks – Share the animals. Even retweeting rescue stories can link an animal with a new home
  • Marg’s Pets – Marg wants to raise funds for her local spay and nueter clinic
  • Moxy Paws – Features the story of Edie, a dog adopted just an hour prior to euthanasia, and a great giveaway
  • My Fire Hydrant – Pet Care Bev has a list of ways she’ll Be the Change, including continuing to hold an annual, month-long rescue fundraiser during the month of March in memory of Bailey
  • My Life in Words?- Run a coin drive, return cans, visit your local shelter’s “wish list,” participate in their events and more! This is a great resource for change.
  • Pawcurious – Dr. V ate Pupperoni for Pets Without Parents! and traded posts of awareness with
  • Paws and Effect – Raising $5K for 6 months care at Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary in St. Pauls, NC
  • The Pet Book Lady – The Pet Book Lady is donating all of her commission from the sale of personalized keepsake bracelets amounting to $5 per bracelet. Order yours now!
  • Petfinder Blog – 10 simple ways bloggers can help pets every day
  • Racing to Save Lives – Fight human and animal blood cancers with your donation to LLS!
  • Petside – Post a donation page link to Facebook, ask your friends to do the same, and more…
  • Richmond Dogs Blog – Rasing funds and awareness
  • Romeo the Cat – Showcases Pilots n Paws which provides an online meeting place for rescuers and pilots and plane owners willing to assist with the transportation of animals
  • Of Cow Tails and Chew Toys – From today forward, 25% of every sale of Ashley’s denim squeaky stars will go to the Humane Society of Knox County
  • Oh My Dog! – Hosting a giveaway for those who shared linklove for shelters and rescues
  • Scratchings & Sniffings – Wrote a post for BlogPaws on Peace for Pets, helping hospice patients keep their pets at home
  • Sparkle the Designer Cat – Sparkle challenges us to be ready when the unexpected happens and an an animal in need happens to cross our path
  • Sebastion the Sensitive Soul – Photos are posted of local shelter animals
  • Tan Cats – Regularly donating newspapers and paper bags to shelters
  • This One Wild Life – Providing print design for the silent auction to benefit? and prepping a rescued Newf to be a therapy dog
  • Trupanion– Suggests donating food to shelters, whether a sinlge can or an online order full. Tell a friend to as well!
  • Two Little Cavaliers – Donating 15% of sales from her Stella & Dot Jewelry site between now and the end of April. Use the hostess name Blog Paws
  • Will My Dog Hate Me – A simple and perfect message: Do what you can, and donate what you’ve got.
  • YourDailyCute – is donating volunteer time at a shelter for every $100 donated to Pets Without Parents. She’s up to a week or more now!

Best news yet… @lakesunrise just took the fund drive over the $1K mark, doubling the goal for Pets Without Parents with hours left in the day!


Whatchya gonna do? Do tell! It could be as simple as spreading the?message using the buttons below. Do it. Word.


  1. Awesome post, Kim! Wow, two great things you're going to do. 🙂 Be the change, indeed!!

    P.S. I added you to the list of blogs participating!

    • Thanks for compiling the list and adding me to it. I'm going to update my post to include it, and you! Loved reading about how you're going to volunteer time at a shelter. Wonderful news!

  2. I love your ideas and for putting it out there! 🙂 Kudos on ordering the handbook from the Delta Society – I wish you and Shamus the best!

  3. Be the Change Challenge for rescue animals, TODAY! #pawpawty<p class="ubervu_reaction_link">via uberVU

  4. RT @KimClune Be the Change Challenge for rescue animals, TODAY! #pawpawty<p class="ubervu_reaction_link">via uberVU

  5. Be the Change Challenge for rescue animals, TODAY! #pawpawty (please RT)<p class="ubervu_reaction_link">via uberVU

  6. Thank you so much for compiling this list! I also have an adopted dog named Emmett who is a therapy dog through Delta Society. If you ever want to chat about test prep, the test, or working, let me know!

    • Maggie, your insight would be terrific. I'm wondering how one finds opportunities to volunteer. Does Delta Society have a list of resources? Serching locally doesn't turn much up.

      By the way, how cool that you adopted an Emmett too. I must say though, Shamus (our Newf) is the dog I'm introducing to therapy. Emmett (our hound mix) could use therapy, all right… just therapy on himself. He's kind of an unpredictable nut, too much so to bring beyond the dog yard.

      • I'd be happy to discuss anytime! Feel free to email whenever!

        As far as opportunities, you sort of have to find them yourself. You can contact places that you think would be appropriate – hospitals, schools, libraries, etc. – and if they're interested work with them to set up a program. My area has an organization that partners with a few places locally, so we've been lucky enough to not have to seek out too many opportunities! Good luck!

  7. Hey Kim! Wow it must have taken you a long time to compile this list! I know we're a bit late (which is on time for us at ILRA) but we got our post up now too:

    I love that you're newly committed to getting Shamus into a therapy program! I think we may take your lead and finally really look into getting Spunky Delta certified. He got his CGC over a year ago but since we've been moving all over the place since then, we never took it to the next step. Let's do it!

    • The list took hours of searching, reading, linking,tweeting? I?m whooped, but never too whooped to post your link!

      I am all for certifying in synch and sharing the experience. I?ll be posting videos of Shamus acclimation to many environments and situations. He was in a fantastic socialization and adventure class called Tails on Trails last spring and we?ve continued with his exposure, albiet less and less. Time to step it back up, like you say. By the way, what?s a CGC?

  8. Thanks for listing my be the change post! and BTW, you've got a new blog follower!

  9. What a list! Hope you are catching up on rest….many thanks for compiling. And looking forward to hearing how Shamus and you fare in therapy dog progam.

    • Christine! I just went to your blog and realized your post wasn't on my list! Well, consider that fixed, young lady. <a href=Moxy Paws is now accounted for. Thanks for posting that amazing story about Edie being rescued an hour before euthenasia. Ugh. What a close call. Talk about Being the Change in an animal's life!

  10. Kim–The T-shirt is designed. I have posted about it here:… and my cat The Brew has posted about it here:

    Anyone who wants the code to put the widget for the shirt on their website can contact me thru the contact form on my website.

  11. Wow, Kim, this is fantastic! Thanks for the mention. Scratchings and Sniffings is writing about you today – and about this outstanding effort we Be the Change bloggers put forth to raise money. We will be watching your blog to learn more about the therapy dog program.

  12. That is fantastic that you are a foster parent & way to go on going for the therapy dog program! I got my dog, Kayloo, certified in Feb and we are really enjoying it 🙂

    Yesterday I launched the R.O.A.R. Squad: Rescue Owners are Rockin (you can read the launching blog post here:

    The idea is to band together fellow rescue owners into one helluva wicked team 🙂

    It is really great to see what everyone is getting up to 🙂

    • What a terrific way to promote rescue over pet store purchases! Not only am I adding you to the list, but we've just claimed a spot in R.O.A.R. Squad's New York State slot. (I spent an hour making a collage of our rescues for the submission. Ha! There was no way all our furkids would sit still for a picture.)

  13. Thanks for your support Kim! I just emailed you the code!


  14. Wow! What an amazing list. I am blown away by the loving and generous spirits of this community. Wow. Just wow. Thanks so much for tracking this! xoxo Caroline, Romeo & Pugsley

  15. @KimClune thank you for keeping up this great list! We need to find a permanent place to keep it! #BeTheChange via uberVU

  16. It's so great to see so much concentrated effort, energy, and spirit to "be the change"! I came up with a couple of things one of which I wrote about on Friday having to do with Monks baking dog cookies which sales support the training of service dogs. The thing is, businesses, shelters, vet clinics can all order wholesale and 10% off the top(not net proceeds)goes to the dogs:) <a href ="; rel="nofollow">The story starts with a contest and goes on from there.

  17. This is awesome – thanks for posting and sharing all these links! I can't wait to go check them out. I blog about my life as a foster mom for dogs and cats, and I'm very excited to meet other bloggers who are also helping to rescue homeless animals in such a large variety of ways. Thanks for the great post!

  18. Can you please add me to the Be The Change list? I'm donating all of my commission from keepsake bracelet sales to Rescue Groups/Shelters.

    Power to the Pets from The Pet Book Lady! Looking forward to seeing everyone again at Blogpaws 2011.

    • Your bracelets are beautiful! And there are just enough slots to fit each of my furkids. It's nice to know that ordering one is going to do so much good!

  19. Thanks for sharing these wonderful links. Together we can make such a difference!

  20. Please add my blog posts to your list! I hear we ended with over $1700 for Pets Without Parents – what a great effort by all!

    Thanks for adding the posts, and thanks for putting together the list!

    • You're in! And yes, it's been so rewarding to participate, donate and meet so many positive people coming together for a single cause. I couldn't be more thrilled to take part.

  21. LOVE the list!!! I don't know if we fit the bill, but Bandit and Scout are now the official spokesdogs for Faceless International, an organization that helps educate people about human trafficking. They'll be helping to educate kids with the orgs new school cirriculum. And I just went to the local city pound and got an application to volunteer. 🙂

    All the best!

    • Errr … I spelled my own name wrong, LOL.

      • Hi Joanne, (I'll spell it right – LOL.)

        What wonderful news! Both projects are certainly commendable! We often talk about how much animals are in need within this community, yet human beings are much in need as well. I volunteered in Ghana for a month and learned just how much. My own goal is to bridge humans and animals for the betterment of one another much in the way you are.

        I would love to add you to this list but for the fact that it's is a record of people who took part in this specific April 16th event. If I didn't cap it there, I'd never be able to track all the wonderful things folks are doing. If I'm mistaken and you took the leap in the name of Blogging for Be the Change Day, please let me know and leave me a link to your post from that day. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled because there may be a new opportunity for you to be part. I can?t say how yet, but I?ll let you know.

        I'll see you on Twitter and at your blog – which I'm now following. Best to you and your amazing dogs!

  22. we always make a fund raising drive when we want to do some cleanup on the local neighborhood~;;


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