A Few of My Favorite Things

Ah, a reprieve from home construction, decorating, wrapping, shredding paper, deconstructing decorations and all that eating! It’s now time to sit back, appreciate everything that transpired all too quickly with fond memories, and share with you a few of our favorite things.


Shamus Ornament J and J Ornament Emmett Ornament

Each year, Tim and I add another ornament to the tree. This year was no exception – although these tiny portraits won’t be relegated to holiday storage. Oh, no. These beautifully hand-painted gifts will be treasured long after the holiday season for their longevity and versatility. Truly perfect for any occasion, they are too adorable to hide away. I can’t even part with the hand-painted boxes.

Pet Ornaments

This talented Chicago artist’s name is Becky Sorrentino and I can’t rave about her enough. It’s one thing to find her paintings of other people’s pets lovely. It’s quite another to see the souls of the animals I know inside-and-out shine through. She did a fabulous job.

Ordering your pet portrait couldn’t be easier. Just visit BecArt on Etsy.com to:

  • Select a favorite photo
  • Chose a border color (Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow)
  • Choose one or two simple words for the back
  • Choose the symbol you’d like (Bone, Heart, Paw Print, or Mouse)
And there’s more…


Cats - 20 Note Card Set Cats - 20 Note Card Set

Aren’t these lovely? They’re not only perfect for sending that special note (and orginal art) to a special person, but Becky’s largest clients are veterinarians often in search of that perfect communication with pet owners. They’re available through Becky’s hand painted card shop on Etsy, BecArtDesign.


Dog Calendar Dog Calendar

I absolutely love Becky’s dog calendar too. Each 4.5” x 6″ sheet displays a different month with its own beautiful watercolor dog painting. For long-lasting use and durability, each is printed on 100lb smooth, acid-free, white vellum and packaged in a white box. It’s perfect for corkboards, refrigerators, gift bags, holiday gifts, or frame them for wall art.


For Becky’s oil paintings, watercolor paintings, jewelry, handmade & hand painted cards & invitations, visit the Becky Sorrentino Studio blog, Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget her two Etsy shops: BecArtDesign and BecArt. Please tell her I sent you!

Please Note:

I won our first miniature pet portrait through a raffle at Kim Thomas’ blog, CindyLu’s Muse. I purchased two more because I just knew I’d love them. Now that I have all three in hand, I’m off to buy one of the birds in blue! That said, this review is based strictly on my joyous personal experience and I have received no compensation from Becky or Kim for sharing my sheer delight.


  1. Thank you so much!! I am so excited and honored to be featured in your post…and I am thrilled that you are enjoying your mini pet portraits so much!!

  2. Kim, I’m so happy you were the winner of the mini pet portrait – your pets are gorgeous, I hear Becky thoroughly enjoyed painting them! Thank you for sharing our favorite artist with your readers. Enjoy looking at your little stars!

    • Kim Clune says:

      I admire people who can see and translate the personality of living beings with such talent. I truly appreciated that Becky asked for several more photos for reference to get to know the boys.

      By the way, I think our pets are gorgeous too, but you know how that goes with other people’s babies. I have truly myopic perspective. 🙂

  3. These are fantastic. I absolutely love those miniature portraits and the calendar is so cute too!

    • Kim Clune says:

      I want the cat cards too… and you should see the cutout greeting cards she makes with watercolor paintings behind them. Ugh. To be so clever…

  4. Happiness is sheer delight! Happy New Year my friend! Hope to see you at Blogpaws 2012. Going to be fantastic…..as usual. 🙂

    • Kim Clune says:

      Happy New Year to you, Lisa! Sorry to have to miss BlogPaws this year. I’ve got a lot more traveling to do than usual and limited, well, everything. LOL. Will miss you like crazy though!

  5. Collection of these wonderful things is really nice. I my self is also happy in collecting Mickey mouse creation.

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