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Excited to participate in the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive on September 16th, I believed that a 20 pound bag of dog food donated for each blog post written during the campaign would reduce feeding costs for shelters nationwide. Sadly, once I posted my support for the campaign, a friend alerted me to this Consumer Affairs complaint page. What I read there was horrifying.

Mark Rasmussen, a Pedigree representative, responded to my concerns (read the full response here):

When we learn of an issue, we work with consumers to obtain information, request that samples of any product in question be submitted for testing at an independent facility, and perform a thorough review.


While I have no way to substantiate the reports from Consumer Affairs or the outcome of Pedigree’s independent testing, I ran Pedigree’s ingredients through the K9Cuisine dog food rater.  It fails. Grade: F. (Run Pedigree’s ingredients yourself to learn more.)

Mark Rasmussen said, in his original response:

Our pet food undergoes industry-leading quality assurance testing beginning with raw ingredients and ending with the testing of finished products. Not because we have to, but because we believe every dog deserves the highest quality food. Whether it’s a shelter dog, or a show dog.

If Pedigree cared about dogs, they wouldn’t feed this to shelter animals.
They’d make better food. Period.


The PR plan was genius. I give them that. Spending a drop in the marketing bucket, Pedigree bought the good will of 375 bloggers, all their readers and a boost in positive search engine results that reached millions. Each person spread the word about how generous and compassionate Pedigree is – FOR FREE. What better way to clear your name of reports about sick dogs than to have trusted bloggers say, “Wow. Look what this great company is doing!”

I feel used, angry and I am not alone. Read the comments at Dancing Dog Blog’s article, Corporate Charity: When Bloggers Unite, Who Really Benefits?

So, what can we do? I have an idea.


The blogging community has power. This is why Pedigree sought us out. Let’s take that power into our own hands and support a company we believe in – nutritionally and ethically. Let’s choose a company together that supplies food to both dogs and cats , approach this company and say:

We can spread your brand’s message if you will support animals in need. This marketing plan is proven to work. We’ve seen it. We’ve done it. Let us do it for you.

It’s time we claim our power and use it to support animals in need who deserve the most nutritional value, not the least. We must recognize that we have this power, open our eyes and stop waiting to get noticed. We are noticed. It’s time we are valued and the most needy of animals are valued too.

Are you in? If so, leave a comment below. Once we have enough  support to make a proposal, I’ll let you know how we can proceed.


Check out Darford, a company that, in my opinion, is doing it right.  Their upcoming I Love All Dogs Campaign campaign offers us a way to buy for one, care for two – and their food is Zero G. I’ve contacted this company and we’ll proudly be hosting them on next Monday. Stop by and lend your support! Now this is what I’m talking about…

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  1. I'm in.

    Terrible that Pedigree was donating food of the lowest quality. I feel duped. Thanks for the wake up call.

  2. I'm in! Shame on Pedigree!

  3. Well said. Could not agree more – count me in! And I said so in my original post (link below) and got some flack. But I stand by it regardless.

  4. Rachael Ray already donates a portion of her proceeds on her Dog Food (Nutrish, which my Sheltie eats and LOVES) to Shelter animals.

    I say involve Rachael Ray!

  5. Very sad to hear this after so many people came together to help what sounded to be a great campaign.

  6. Holy jesus Christ! I read the complaints page about Pedigree dog food and my head almost exploded! I always knew that there was a reason that I make my own dog food. Yuck!!

  7. I wrestled with my conscience before participating in the Pedigree Blog. I know it's crap food but I figured it might help keep a few dogs alive in shelters for a bit longer and I saw the caliber of bloggers who were also participating and I guess I succumbed to 'peer pressure'. So I'm very glad you've written about this and hopefully I'll have the courage of my convictions next time something like this comes up. Good luck with the I Love All Dogs Campaign, sounds a much better option. I can't buy the food as it isn't available in New Zealand but will give any other sort of support I can:-)

  8. Thanks for taking the time to write about all this. I knew Pedigree wasn't the highest quality out there but I didn't realise it was this low. They don't deserve our support, that's for sure.

  9. Love! Love! Love! I am all for bloggers taking back their power and standing for what they believe in! And, I love this cause too. Great post Kim!

  10. Thank you for writing this- well done!

    Another thing to note- the company that owns Pedigree, Mars, does all kinds of animal testing. So, even if they are giving some bags of food on the one side (for PR purposes, like you say), they are still killing a bunch of animals on the other.

    Doesn't seem right to me.

    Thank you again for writing this.

  11. Everything you wrote about in this post summed up why I put my foot down and didn't join in the Pedigree Adoption Drive blog event. My initial gut reaction of feeling like a horrible human being for not doing everything and anything to help animals in need started to be outweighed by the fact that I just can't deal with companies who pass off disgusting junk as nutritious food.

    So I'm in! I'll join whatever scheme you have cooked up, and I'm definitely going to blog about the I Love All Dogs Campaign.

  12. Thank you all for responding! I'm sorry this post went dark for a bit. I have been away. I'll have something put together in the coming weeks and will be in touch when I do. For now, perhaps we can open this up for discussion:

    One company I'd like to approach is Wellness.

    – They offer far healthier options (their dog food scores an A on K9Cuisine's dog food rater)

    – They serve both cats and dogs.

    – There have been no recalls.

    – Their commercials are becoming more prominent on television which means their profit margin has grown, allowing for more marketing – and thus more ability to participate.


  13. You probably already know this, but I'M IN!! And, let's plan to start with pet food and go from there! Shelter animals could use bedding, toys, paper towels, and the list goes on… Let's see how much good we really can do!

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