Needs a Kick in the Ass! #BTC4A

BTC4 Ass Kicking


Be the Change for Animals, the website that we’ve come to know, love, and utterly take for granted, needs a face lift and an attitude adjustment. It’s grown lazy, tired, and has no spark. I don’t like where we’ve ended up since our beautiful founding moment. So, as of right now, I’m 100% back.



Thankfully, BTC4A’s Facebook heart is beating strong. This comes thanks to the daily community nurturing of Kim Thomas. Her love for this project runs as deep as my own (maybe even deeper) and stretches all the way back to 2011.

But circulation to the blog extremities grew stagnant long before I stepped away to found Dog House Adoptions in 2012. (Wow. We’re four years old as of this week!) Focus was set on how to do less. Not more. Not New. Not different. And we need more. We need new. We need different. This lag is on us — on me, since I never fully left — for not delivering what you need, for not keeping up with what you want.



Blog the Change asks us, among other things, to identify what we’re doing or planning to do for animals with the hope to inspire others. Here’s my list:

  • I’ve taken back the reigns at
  • I’ve begun to follow the 5000 people who connected with us on Twitter yet were neglected over the past year.
  • The website will be overhauled in time for our 4th birthday. (FOURTH? Really?)
  • The big reveal will be just prior to our July 15th Blog the Change event.
  • The goal? Simple, clean lines. Easy to read fonts.
    (Who picked that horrid text font anyway? Oh right.)
  • And, most importantly, useful content that I hope you’ll engage with, including a revitalization of Blog the Change events.



We’ll set your inbox free while holding fast to our founding cornerstone, asking you to spend just a moment and never a cent to help animals in need.

  • A monthly post will feature a simple link list of timely causes. We’ll collect all the free and easy actions you can collectively cover in 15 minutes or less.
  • Now you can subscribe to just one blog. Ours. And you’ll still get the best content.
  • We’ll also host a directory of animal organizations you can visit from one central place.



Please answer these simple questions below.

  • Which organizations are your favorites to support? I’ll enter these first into our ever growing directory. You are still here and, because of that, your opinion totally rates with me.
  • Which day suits you best to receive a monthly post? The 1st? Every 2nd Monday? End of the month? Pick your favorite. Majority will win.
  • Will a monthly publication keep you interested? Would bi-weekly be better?
  • Can I get some volunteers to help manage Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and G+?
  • And can I get a HELL YEAH? (Oh good. You’re paying attention.)



It’s time we do something new to stick by you, too. And I’m proud to say that my whole team is as re-energized as I am. Together, we’ll make this happen for as long as you come along for the ride.

You heard it here first.


Blog the Change for AnimalsVisit the other animal advocates on this list and leave a thoughtful comment. It’s time to coalesce this community spirit by investing in it from all sides.


  1. HELL YEAH! LOL….this is going to be fun, exciting, and fulfilling when we all come together on this! Most of all, I can’t wait to see the changes, and what our community can accomplish for the sake of the creatures we love so dearly. (Thanks for the shout-out, Kim, it’s much appreciated. I DO love this project!)

  2. HELL YEAH! I think my all time favorite organization, The Doney Memorial Pet Clinic, is already on your list. Slam my inbox when and however- I am so excited for the revamp!

  3. So happy you’re back – looking forward to the new, improved BTC4A!

  4. Yay Kim, so thrilled you’re back! BtC4A was one of my very first blog projects to be involved with and I’ve never forgotten a moment of it, or your passion and dedication. I love the idea of a monthly publication–I can’t say what day of the week because to me, it doesn’t make a difference. Any is fine. My absolute favorite organization is Eldad Hagar’s Hope for Paws.
    I’m looking forward to the great changes!

  5. Our human won’t let us say HELL because she says we’re young, impressionable kitties. (MOL) But we’re pumping our paws for you!

    Our hearts go out to Great Plains SPCA right now because they are such a shiny new No Kill in Independence Missouri, still adjusting to a new way of working with animal control.

    When they first opened their doors almost exactly one year ago, they had over 800 cats dumped on them! They remained staunchly no-kill throughout it all, working with other area no-kills to help relieve the incredible load and managing to make it through a shocking first year.

    We’re very proud of what they have accomplished. They have an amazing pedigree, as many of the principal staff that helped start this shelter are alums of the fabulous Wayside Waifs, the area’s largest no-kill shelter and rescue resource.

  6. I found out about BTC back when I started my dogs’ blog. (I unfortunately kind of stopped blogging there much after my cat died… it made me too sad!) I’m excited to hear you’re still around and growing stronger! My favorite organization is the one I volunteer with, Almost Home Foundation.

  7. HELL YEAH — and welcome back. I love Old Dog Haven, the organization to which the money for Frankie’s Fund ultimately went. They give seniors some comfort at the end of their lives and that’s a wonderful thing.

    I’m not pet blogging these days but I still support all the wonderful causes — and I’ve learned (the hard way because I was blogging about a tough topic) that there are second acts. This community is the best. And when I’m ready for the third act, I suspect I’ll be welcomed again. Because that’s the type of folks you all are.

  8. HELL YEAH! As you know, I have been a fan from the beginning.
    I would LOVE to see potential topics that we could blog about featured well BEFORE each Blog Hop Date.
    I don’t care what day you are in my inbox, I will read any day!
    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. HELL YEAH! 🙂

    I prefer to support small rescues, because somehow they seem the most honest. They give it all to the animals, rather than stuffing their own pockets. There are some other organizations I feel are important, such as The Rabies Challenge.

    As for posts and publication, with me, less is more because I’m having a hard time keeping up as it is. So monthly? Whatever day.

  10. In a word… YAY!

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