Happy Birthday, BTC4animals!

It’s tomorrow, actually. But we’re celebrating all week long. In fact, as of today, the website sports a brand new birthday suit, and we just debuted our revamped newsletter, 4animals! Welcome to the guilt free zone where you’ll marvel at the majesty of the animal kingdom and feel inspired before another month of animal advocacy… Click Here to Visit 4animals – Stories to Inspire


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Mike Arms, dedicated animal rescue advocate, launches new advice blog to share his 30 years of experience. Celebrating animals who, without reservation, make a true difference in people’s lives. Wild threatened species are closer than you think thanks to ARKive.org. Meet four of them!

Since this has been my main obsession of late, it would mean so much if you shared your first impressions. Thanks for caring and for inspiring me to fret over every little detail, many of which I’d still like to tweak. (Shh!) It’s a start!


  1. Reading the first story about Mike Arms…already completely enjoying this. Great idea!

    • Thank you, Bessie! I'm so glad other people (besides me) are enjoying the content. Thanks for saying so. We see so much that brings us down, I want BTC to celebrate the triumphs as well! We writers need that break as much as readers do.

  2. It looks absolutely fantastic, well done Kim! Mike's story gets me teary every time!

    Once again- GREAT JOB!

    • Thank you so much, Shauna! I sobbed this morning trying to proofreading Mike's story with my husband. It was as if I never wrote the piece or kne what was coming,the way I reacted.

      People's choices amaze me sometimes. While it would be completely reasonable for any human being to flee this most heartbreaking situation – and at such personal peril – what Mike did with that moment and with every single one after blows my mind.

  3. Yay for BtC – this looks great, Kim!

  4. Great job on the site. I'm eating happy birthday cake with you!

  5. You rock. That is all.

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