Caption This #12 – Eat Up, Kids!

Whatchya got to say about this?

Baby Swallows

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  1. I said A minor. MINOR. The concert is on Saturday you guys, get it together.

  2. What is this worm BS? We said OREO ICE CREAM! And don't come back until you bring some!

  3. Newfylover1 says:

    "Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy… WHAT!!… hi!

  4. Hurry up Mom. Why do you think they call us Swallows?

  5. This, by far, is the best batch of Wordless Wednesday comments ever. Thanks for the laughs, you guys!

  6. That's because you are delivering some very interesting pics! ๐Ÿ™‚

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