Caption This #28 – Toy Destuffing!

Gimme your best caption!


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  1. How is about this for a caption – "Boy am I stuffed!!"

  2. That green cotton candy sugar high doesn't last very long.

  3. Evidence shows that dogs that destroy stuffed toys today will grow up to be the cereal killers of tomorrow!

  4. Excuse me waiter, there is a cat in my stuffing…

  5. @Yoda and Brutus, Hahahaha. Nothing like an excellent pun!

  6. "that nip on there sure DOES give ya the munchies! I can't believe I ate the WHHHHHOOOOLE THING!"

  7. Gasp! I can't look. Is it… permanent?

  8. You all crack me up! I can't even pick a best this round. In my book, you all completely slayed the game this week. Thanks for playing!

  9. "It was self-defense! Did you see the look on his face? DEAR GOD, MAN, his FACE!"

    – – – – – –


  10. I've been framed!!!

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