Caption This #31 – Newf Berry!

What’s he thinking?


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  1. OMG Kim. I LOVE this photo! LOVE!

    Caption: I wonder how long it will take to tie the stem into a know with my tongue? Hmmm…

  2. What a great photo.

    Caption; Cherry Christmas Everyone!

  3. If only I had "The Force".

  4. Chris Dignan says:

    Dear lord..thank you for the snow:) Cool pic!

  5. @MelF: Hahahaha!

    Gorgeous photo.

  6. This is such a beautiful shot!

  7. kittyguy77 says:

    "I could be a little Einstien"

  8. Keep your eye on the fruit, keep your eye on the fruit. 10 points to the first person that knows what movie that is from!

  9. oooohhhh… it's soooooo faaaarrrrr……

  10. I have no idea, but I’m thinking this is just a gorgeous pic!

  11. I love this photo!

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