Caption This #41 – Frosty the Newfman!

What’s this guy thinking?

Snow Dog

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  1. Gabby_da_Tabby says:

    Da ad said "Cool Job", I'm not so sure I'm gonna like dis snowdog gig.

  2. kittyguy77 says:

    "i is only here for the beer"

  3. This one just in from Facebook:

    Shelly Ford: "Snow? What snow?"

    Me: Hahaha. Shelly, I was thinking "Dog? What dog?"

  4. "Will it EVER end?"

  5. OMD, that is a great picture!

    I think he's wishing you'd take the picture already… so he can get inside out of the snow!

  6. "I hope someone finds me soon. It's cold out here and I miss my bed."

  7. How do I break out of the yard this time?

  8. Ahhh… More snow! That moat won't hold me for long Mom and Dad. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  9. Oh shoot! Karen beat me to it! I just saw her comment!

  10. You guys crack me up! The Newf actually loves the snow, eating fresh mouths-full the minute he gets to go outside. He's been known to curl up in it for a nap too.

    Sorry I didn't respond to your comments in a more timely fashion. As you can see from my latest post, Shamus did hop the fence again and the outcome, for me, limited typing for a bit. Besides, I think I was too raw to laugh about the escape this time, even though the dogs are okay.

    Now that there's some distance, I have to ask, yer all a bunch of fortune tellers, aren't you?!

  11. "I know I shouldn't have jumped the fence, but …"

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