Caption This #56 – Upside Down Dog

What’s up with Emmett? If he were speaking, what would he say? Leave your caption below!

Emmett's Headstand

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  1. I'll show them… I'm going to do that headstand in yoga class this week!

  2. Dogs can do headstands too!

  3. I cannot THINK, with all of you looking at me.

  4. Ok easy steps on how to do a handstand. You put your head like this, and your front paws like this…wait…now how do I get the back legs to go up?

  5. One Mississippi, two Mississippi … look out, here I come!

  6. Tom Clune says:

    I think I see China!

  7. It's been another terrible, horrible, no good, good for nothing, very bad day!

  8. Haha! Good headstand!

    Waggin at ya,


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