Caption This #59 – Hammy Hound!

Good grief! What’s going on here, Emmett?! Leave your best caption…

Emmett the Joker

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  1. "I'm just waiting for the sprinkler to pass over me again!"

  2. "Aye Chihuahua, these red ants HURT!!"

  3. "Seeeee. I floss."

  4. Mmmmoooommm – stop tickling my belly!

  5. Wow. You all are WAY too kind. I think this little gremlin should be starring in Alien 4 or 5 or whatever we're up to now. Move over, Segourney. This one's going to RIP YOUR FACE OFF!

  6. Say Ahhhhh!!!!

  7. Again with the cute comments, Mel. LOL.

    C'mon. Nobody here looks at that bottle-nose jaw and thinks aliens are going to break out of our bellies? Nobody sees the Jack Nicholson's Joker or expects to hear "Here's Johnny?"

    Seriously, you're all too kind!

  8. Mary Thompson says:


  9. Becky Williams says:

    “ok ok stop stop, I can’t take it, no more tickles!!”

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