Caption This #63 – Magic Carpet Cat!

Here’s an easy one for you. Caption, caption away!

Jackson's Flying Carpet

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  1. kittyguy77 says:

    Doing my bit for the economy, stretching things out!

  2. Kahuna’s K9s wrote on FB: “Camoflauged in even the deepest jungles of suburbia…”

  3. Kahuna's K9s says:

    Camoflauged in even the deepest jungles of suburbia…

  4. Kim Clune says:

    Oooh. Good one!

  5. @kittyguy77 Now if he’d just get a job. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. PetPeePee says:

    I am King Ali Baba! Now, scratch my back…

  7. julesmelfi says:

    What? You’ve never seen a cat do yoga before?

  8. @julesmelfi He’s better at it than I am!

  9. Kim Clune says:

    Yeah, that setting is a bit ornate. But he truly is a regal guy.

  10. beyond_5 says:

    “I’m posing for the premier edition of CATALOUNGE – a magazine dedicated to the PURRsuit of comfortable lounging positions for felines along with complete instructions on appropriate expressions to keep their people at bay.”

  11. @beyond_5 I want to see that magazine!

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