Caption This #80 – Toilet Cat!

Welcome to Caption This #80!
What the heck is going on here? Leave your caption below!

Jed on the Toilet

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  1. @Choclablover on Twitter has this to offer:
    “Stop nagging! I don’t have any thumbs but still put the toilet seat down!”

  2. “Wait… you want me to put WHAT in here?”

  3. Shelley LaClair says:

    “Ummm, privacy please…just because the toilet is in the foyer doesn’t mean you can look. Geez…”

  4. Don’t you people know this is supposed to be in a room where you can lock the door?

  5. Uh…a little privacy here, please.

  6. Lid up(?), seat up(?) … how is it again?

  7. Dude – I’m going potty over here!

  8. This is the spot … I can see the TV perfectly from here.

  9. Listen. I’m good with a toilet in the living room. After all, where else is a cat supposed to sit on his throne?

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