Giveaway: 4 Rawhide-Free SmartBones® for Dogs!

Giveaway: 4 Rawhide-Free SmartBones® for Dogs!

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Besides furniture and shoes, we’ve been through the gamut of doggy chew treats. When I was a kid, my dad gave the family dog rawhide, but I later learned about risks of toxicity, choking, and intestinal obstruction. Now that I have dogs of my own, I avoid that stuff altogether – especially after learning about leather’s unregulated chemical processing.

My husband and I tried the Nylabone™ brand for awhile, but as I grew more food conscious and thought about what that actually meant, I was very uncomfortable feeding my dogs plastic. (The elastic in the occasionally errant hair tie is unnatural enough.)


SmartBonesAfter reading about SmartBones®, I was happy to accept their offer of free samples. According to their website, this “next generation dog chew [in the history of dog chews]  has all the benefits of a rawhide chew – without the rawhide.”

Aside from the raw bones we offer, I think SmartBones® are another good bet. Because SmartBones® are made with real, dried chicken breast, my dogs are highly attracted to them (as are the cats). As a vegetarian, even I thought they smelled good.

The outside is vegetable, the inside is chicken jerky, and these chews are the first of their kind to be fortified with vitamins and minerals. (You can read the full list of ingredients based on the chicken, dental and peanut butter flavors.) Best of all, they are 99.2% digestible. What does that mean? Well, according to the website:

To put this in perspective, even the best dog foods achieve only 85% total digestibility. You can rest assured that your dog will get maximum nutritional value from SmartBones chews.


Giving our dogs plenty of space to quell resource guarding, I watched them chew (totally in their faces with the video camera). I was pleased to see the small pieces they gingerly broke off, giving their jaws a good workout without resulting in any stringy stuff. (What would you call it?)

Shamus, our large-mouth Newfy, finished first. Only after he was through did he notice 2 fawns – which he then charged. Emmett took to his SmartBone® and ignored the fawns entirely. (I shortened the film below to just over a minute but left that clip unedited as proof.) Emmett then turned his back on the fawns, blowing my mind entirely. That is surely a seal of true approval.



US and Canadian residents: Want to win 4 SmartBones® for your dog?
Leave a comment below including the word “SmartBone” or “SmartBones”
and the appropriate size required for your dog (mini, small, medium, or large).

Small Dog (5-10 lbs)Mini SmartBones
Small – Medium Dogs (11-25 lbs)Small SmartBones
Medium Dogs (26-50 lbs)Medium SmartBones
Large Dogs (over 50 lbs)Large SmartBones

The sillier you are, the more fun we’ll have.
Example: “That little SmartBone is going to get a medium sized licking!”

Enter before 11:59 PM (ET) Sunday, September 18, 2011.
The winner will be chosen at on Monday, September 19.
Look for the winning announcement in the comments section of this post.

Best of luck to you all!

If you can’t leave your dog’s SmartBone habit to chance, head to any of the 350 PetSmarts that carry SmartBones®, or shop online at and

Dog Days of Summer Giveaway: Ice Pups Dog Treats!

Dog Days of Summer Giveaway: Ice Pups Dog Treats!

The Honest Kitchen Ice PupsIt’s August. It’s HOT.
How are your dogs taking it?
Our black-backed, hairy Newf is often belly-up in front of the AC and non-stop panting. Our hound is a sun worshiper in need of constant hydration. We’ve just discovered a fun treat from The Honest Kitchen that cools our hot dogs off from the inside out … and we want to share it with you.

Ice Pups: They Make Your Dog Cool!

These puppies are super easy to make:

  • Pop the lid with a spoon handle.
  • Mix two heaping tablespoons of powder in a cup of warm water.
  • Stir, pour and , in the summertime, freeze.

This was supposed to be a demonstration video but, as you’ll soon see, it turned comedic in a hurry. I couldn’t feed the critters fast enough.


Ice Trays - Animal Rescue SiteSide note: I used cardboard bowls in a pinch, BUT, I just bought these paw-shaped ice cube trays from the Animal Rescue Site for our next batch of Ice Pups. Not only are they adorable for making bite-sized snacks, this purchase funds 14 bowls of food to rescues!

Ice Pups: They’re HOT!

Ice Pups can be served three different ways – for dogs AND for cats.

  • as a healthy sorbet – which we’re trying today
  • as a chilled, refreshing beverage
  • or, in the winter, as a warm broth after a rousing romp in the snow

Ice Pups: They’re Healthy!

Every food served from The Honest Kitchen keeps dogs and cats in good health. They holistically help pets in poor health too. Ice Pups’ tasty, natural ‘gravy’ increases palatability when transitioning your pet to a new diet. It bolsters drive for pets with a lowered appetite (especially during post-operative recovery). And, it aids those pets with kidney problems by increasing fluid intake. Check out the customer testimonials on their website comments section.

Ice Pups: They’re … Free? Yes! If you win…

Ice Pups are grain free, gluten free, contain free range poultry and you can get Ice Pups for Free right here!

Just leave a comment below describing what your dog would do for Ice Pups and you’ll be entered for a chance to become one of THREE LUCKY WINNERS!  This giveaway is limited to U.S. residents in the continental U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

Enter no later than 11:59 ET on August 21st, 2011.
Winners will be notified in the comment section below on Monday, August 22nd, 2011.

I can’t wait to read about your dogs’ tricks and silliest behaviors.
Best of luck to you all!

I am a proud participant in The Honest Kitchen’s ally program. I joined because, after dangerous recalls and increased deception about what constitutes “healthy” food in the pet food industry, I finally found a human grade, socially and environmentally conscious dog and cat food company that I can trust my pets’ life with. While I do receive free food, samples and a discount through the program, I tell everybody I know about The Honest Kitchen because – bottom line – I want you to feel as good about what you feed your pets as I do.

Giveaway: A Dog’s Purpose – A Novel for Humans

Giveaway: A Dog’s Purpose – A Novel for Humans

A Dog's Purpose

A Dog's Purpose on Amazon (affiliate link)

I’ve always been drawn to stories told from the human perspective, deeply valuing an author’s nuanced exploration of human emotion as captured by keystrokes and poetic phrasing. Never would I have imagined myself engrossed in a story told by a dog, as much as I love my dogs.

A Dog’s Purpose, a Novel for Humans by W. Bruce Cameron is different. At the 2010 BlogPaws conference in Denver, I received a free copy in my swag bag. Otherwise bookless, I began to read it on the plane ride home and was deeply surprised.

Surely, you’ve heard about this New York Time’s best seller, also winner of Goodread’s 2010 Top 5 Fiction Award. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s clearly time you grab a copy of A Dog’s Purpose on Amazon (affiliate link). Or, more fun still, enter to win yourself a free copy in paperback below!


Win $1000 or 3,000+ Cat Food Cans for Favorite Non-profit

Win $1000 or 3,000+ Cat Food Cans for Favorite Non-profit

Romeo GOGO BannerYou could win $1000 cash donation or more than 3,000 cans of cat food for your favorite pet-related non profit! Just help Caroline Golon from Romeo The Cat’s Blog spread the word about Royal Canin and PETCO™’s “Get One, Give One” promotion taking place this weekend. (See below for details.)


This weekend, July 8-10, 2011, PETCO is offering every customer (while supplies last) two FREE cans of Adult Instinctive or Ultra Light Royal Canin adult feline wet formula for their cats – no purchase necessary. For each can given away to you, Royal Canin will donate an additional can to the PETCO Foundation, which helps support approximately 7,000 local animal welfare groups across the country to help find homes for more than 200,000 adoptable animals every year.


America’s Favorite Animal Shelter Contest

America’s Favorite Animal Shelter Contest

America's Favorite Shelter Contest


The “America’s Favorite Shelter” Contest, sponsored by Care2, ASPCA, and, gives you the chance to rally behind your favorite shelter. These shelters are often the last chance and refuge for thousands of animals. Celebrate the work they do and help them win crucial funding.


Review & Giveaway: Dog Country Music

Review & Giveaway: Dog Country Music

Dog CountryAs the joke goes, “What happens when you play a country song backwards? You get your truck back, your girl back, your dog back and life is good.” But that could only be true if there were more songs written about our beloved relationship with [wo]man’s best canine friend.

That’s right. Songs, especially country songs, have been written about every human emotion, from blinding love, love’s devastating loss, to the very best of friendships, as well as all of life’s comedies an tragedies. Still, our relationships with our family dogs are all-to-often left out. That is until Dog Country came along, an entire album honoring our deep and loyal love for – and from – the canine persuasion.