Curtis Hill Holiday 2010: You’re Invited!

Dearest family and friends,

Shamus-2010.12.15Put on your pajamas, whip up some hot chocolate, and kick back while we spend some special time together. And, if you leave a note below, we can even have a little fireside chat! (There’s a story there about how the tradition of our Christmas tree trunk collection began.)

As we mentioned in our 2009 holiday letter, from now on we’ll forgo traditional cards and share our favorite moments of the season here.

The joy and laughter Tim and I shared making this greeting for you will live on in our hearts and memories forever. For that we thank you and sincerely hope you enjoy it too.

Wishing you many fond memories of years past,
and the making of bright, shiny new ones
in the coming year!

Peace, love and joy to you
this season and always,

Kim and Tim,
Shamus, Emmett, Jackson, Jed
& the birds


  1. Lovely! What a great card! Thanks for sharing this. You have fun pets!

  2. This is so sweet! Much better than any standard card.

    Happy holidays to you and your family, furry ones included! I hope you create many wonderful memories of your own.

    • Thanks, Kristine! The response has been very sweet and positive. Whew!

      All the best to you and yours too. Thanks for always dropping by. It's wonderful to know you.

  3. A friend just commented on our tree trunk cuttings so I'll share with you all what I did with her.

    The tree cuttings were an accident, really. During our 1st two Christmases, while we were remodeling, we stored them on the mantle without thought. I nearly threw them out on several occasions but got sidetracked – and I'm so glad I did.

    By our 3rd year, I bought gold hooks, thumbtacks and colorful paper to somehow devise a commemorative present for Tim. At first I thought I'd make ornaments and, with no real direction, I cut 2 different paper square sizes and colors, layered them and joined them together, numbering each since the year we met. All the squares, hooks and thumbtacks went into a holiday box that could fit a number of trunk trimmings.

    The toughest part was the numbering. When I reached 2060 (the year Tim and I turn 100 and 90 respectively), I cried at the thought of no more Christmases together. How does one choose a cut-off date for a project like this? I just kept numbering through my tears until I reached some unrealistic year we could never possibly live to.

    Now I laugh each time I open out little box to add another piece to our chain. If these paper squares indicate anything, we’re going to live forever – and we’ll be able to build an addition to house even MORE animals with the wood we will have accumulated!

    Happy holidays once again,


  4. OMG this was so beautiful it brought me to tears!!!!!! I LOVED THIS!

    Your videos are soooo professional!

    I want to move into your home…it looks like a house from a wonderful and warm novel….just beautiful!!!!

    Your "furbabies" are too cute for words and the kitty at the end had me laughing with a much needed belly-laugh!

    Your tree is gorgeous! It is the cozy old-fashioned type of tree that I love! Your husband is a doll and did such a great job!

    You are the best! Thanks for sharing a piece of your world with us!!

    All the best to you and yours!

    (((((hugs)))) Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

    • Caren, I think we've talked about you moving in once before. LOL. Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments (and for sharing the link). Hugs to you too and we wish you all the best. <3

  5. Very cute. Nothing will EVER match our first-ever xmas tree together. It was tiny and very Charlie Brown like. I wish we'd taken pictures because I remember it so fondly.

    Now? Tom's know-too-much mind (after years as a firefighter) … means we decorate a living tree outside.

    BUT, inside I have this funky, very Dr. Seus-ish metal tree that I put on the mantel.

    Lilly sends her best Ho ho ho to all of you.

    • Ho ho ho to you too, Roxanne, and Lilly and Tom. Thanks for sharing your memories. I can just picture the little tree. I love those kinds. And thank goodness Lilly is okay. I can't wait to hear how she did with her herding skills!

  6. Arnold and Carol says:

    What a great video. We really enjoyed watching you and all the animals. You are so talented. We should have taken your advice about the hot chocalate. That would have put it over the top! Thanks for sharing. Have a very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

    Arnold and Carol

    • Merry Christmas, Arnold and Carol! Thanks for stopping by our house this year – if only virtually. Truth be told, we could use a little hot chocolate here too, but eggnog will have to do. 🙂 Love you guys!

  7. Robin & Ron says:

    Merry Christmas Kim and Tim! This video was so cute, I watched it several times!

    You have to come over soon and see our new baby Newf girl, Marina. She is so sweet!

    Happy New year!


    Ron and Robin

  8. Hey guys!! That was awesome!! Cannot wait to see you and the crew!!

    Merry Christmas!!


  9. Love the idea of saving the X-mas tree trunk cuts! I think that I'm going to start doing that, too.

    Merry Christmas to you and the family!

  10. Loved your card! We are hoping you are having a wonderful Christmas!!

  11. Kim – I'm a little late in seeing your video Christmas card, but I loved it! It was so beautiful. Kind of wish I had watched it Christmas eve night. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year.

    P.S. I love the idea of the tree trunk pieces to commemorate each year. I wonder how many people will want to steal that idea now? 🙂 And, thanks for the laugh with Jed? Jackson? at the end of the video. You cats are hilarious!

  12. Joan Michaels says:

    What a lovely way to wrap up the last few days of festivities! This is by far the nicest Christmas "card" I have ever received. Thank you… and Merry Christmas to you and your fur children from me and mine!

  13. Great idea! Happy holidays to you all!

  14. To those of you I haven't responded to personally, thank you for your comments here. We were sharing some wonderful time with Tim's 27 family members who could be with us for the holidays and responding here got away from me. I'm so sorry but so pleased to see your messages. Hugs to you all!

  15. Ok. So I had to come back and watch it one more time. 😉

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