Birth of Dog House Adoptions and Puppies!

Kim Clune and Tony - Photo: Lisa Drury

Involved with every Blog the Change for Animals event since the start, I have always shared beautiful causes that are important to me while encouraging others to take up a cause of their own. That call to action doesn’t come lightly or without personal expectation, too. That said, I have an exciting announcement to make…

Having banded together with Lori Harris, Audra Bentley, and my husband Tim Clune, it is with great pleasure that we introduce our new rescue child into this world… along with the first litter of gorgeous stray puppies who need us!

Dog House Adoptions


Dog House Adoptions provides a safe, loving place for unclaimed strays to go when their holding time is up. The way we see it, dogs are not throw away items. Their lives have value and, when the community comes together to support their needs, the dogs do something miraculous. No matter how weary, weathered or worn, they give back with their whole hearts.

Our plans are lofty (more on that later), but our priorities are simple:

  • Care for the dogs who need us now
  • Educate children to protect the dogs of the future
  • Provide dogs a means to serve the community who serves them
  • Accomplish each stage with a sense of humor


While volunteers offer hands-on care and boarding of strays, the board crafts policies that help both animals and people. My job is to build a presence with words and beautiful images, to tell a moving story that engages people to great ends, and to do so in a way that feels good – because the shadow of sadness hanging over rescue deters people from becoming a committed solution. And our approach is working!


We want to offer our dogs ways to engage with the community, to create a symbiotic relationship of giving and getting back between people and animals, yet we are currently receiving so much more than we offer. Generous and knowledgeable people keep calling to help – without solicitation. Just a few examples:

  • The Rensselaer County Chamber of Commerce offered a ribbon cutting ceremony for us at their 112th Annual Dinner in front of more than 450 local businesses.
  • Marlene Wagner, a certified dog trainer for whom I hold the highest regard, offered to speak about the differences between family dogs vs. rescue dog interactions at next week’s maiden volunteer orientation.
  • My neighbor, Debbie Beaudoin, called to say that she read every word and checked every link on our website for accuracy and functionality.

As exciting as this all is, none of these moments were…


Leave it to a dog to open my eyes. Bristol, a sweet and speedy young girl who we affectionately call a Nascar Lab blend, came to us with scars and scabs from a traumatic mating and with her own puppy pit crew on board. Lisa Drury, a reputable lab breeder, took Bristol in, delivered her pups, and is caring for them until they are properly weaned. When I asked to photograph the puppies without imposing on Lisa more than we already had, her response is what brought it all home:

Not an inconvenience at all! They are YOUR puppies!!


The weight of those words settled in around my shoulders like warm wrap. This was not a burdensome weight, but a commitment of love and determination to do my best for these innocent lives. I sat still with that thought, wholly embraced it as my version of motherhood, and then grabbed my photo gear with the excitement of a child off to a birthday party.

Meet the  Puppy Pit Crew: Danica, Dale Jr., Tony and Kasey!

Did I mention that folks think they might be Nascar/Bull Mastiff blends? I guess that means I have PUPPIES (<- in big letters). These kiddos are already larger than a healthy lab pup at just 3 weeks. This video is from week 1, and there will be much, much more to come!


Many of you have heard our lofty ideas (to be announced soon) and encouraged this project. I am so grateful for the enthusiasm. To Mike Arms, the entire staff at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, and Kyla Duffy , we couldn’t have come this far so fast without your trail-blazing knowledge, experience, guidance and inspiration.

For those of you who wish to support us through our first growth spurt, please share our adoptable dogs, volunteer, and get our e-newletter through You can also follow us on Facebook Twitter, and Google+.

Join us on this amazing journey.
The dogs would love to have you.



  1. Big CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of this wonderful organization. The puppies aren’t too shabby either…

    • Thanks, Edie! It’s all been so exciting, and exhausting – in a great way. I jut got home from the puppy visit. Two are now roughly 6 pounds 8 ounces and two are roughly 7 pounds 2 ounces. Oh my gosh, they are the cutest little porkers!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring, your mission and post. We found you on Be the Change for Animals blog hop today. Just tweeted this.

  3. Hey it’s Jet Here. A 16 paw salute (8 K9, 8 Feline – all rescued) for your new venture. Thank you for helping K9s like me, who had sad before lives and now live what Mom calls, “the good/safe life.”

  4. I am so excited for you all! And, I’m already in love with that puppy. I really hope they’re all adopted before we get to New York … another big dog in this RV and Rod might just kick me out of here. =)

    • Big dog … You aren’t kidding, Amy. Two of these critters just broke the 7 pound mark – at four weeks of age! You’d have to give up your bed and take the roof to bring one on the road with you. 🙂

  5. This is wonderful, congratulations and best wishes!

  6. Oh my gosh . .I could watch those little puppies all night long! Congrats on the new adventure!

    • Julie, it’s so true. I went last week and stayed for two hours just watching them learn to stand and howl. They’ve got such personalities! When I went yesterday, Lisa said it must be a growing day. They were all pretty subdued. Still, I could just watch them sleep and be content. Nothing makes me so warm and fuzzy as spending time with them.

      Thanks for the congratulations!

  7. Congrats on getting your rescue group off the ground! It sounds like you have lots of great ideas to shed a positive light on your rescue. 🙂

  8. I’m so excited for you! Congrats on your new adventure…. I can’t wait to see how it grows. 🙂 You rock, and I’m lucky to know you.

  9. Congratulations! This is tremendous news! Many many many thanks to you all for working so hard to help dogs like Bristol. Great things are coming, I can feel it. The dogs of Rensselaer County are so lucky to have you and your team!

    • Kristine, thank you so much! I feel big things coming too! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to connect in-real-life with the community. After several years working online growing, Dog House Adoptions feels like the perfect compliment. Not only do I get to work globally for big change, I’m now involved locally for change that impacts individual people and dogs on such a personal level. Nothing could be more fulfilling!

  10. Can’t say it enough – CONGRATULATIONS, MAMA! 🙂 As for the puppies – OMD, I’m breathless…
    Best wishes for your success in every aspect of your endeavors!

  11. Congratulations! You are doing such amazing work.

  12. These puppys are so cute. I love them. I happy to see this video.

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