Edible Undies – for Dogs?

Edible Undies - For Dogs

Does your dog root through laundry in search of your undies to  – GASP – eat them!?!

The Honest KitchenFor years, one topic has consistently reared it’s head in The Honest Kitchen inbox… undies. According to THK, a prevalent problem among dog owners is “pets consuming foreign objects around the home, especially underwear like socks, briefs and even bras,”

Be honest. You wrote to them, didn’t you! Well, they responded.

Check out Undies, edible underwear for pets, made entirely from dehydrated, human grade vegetable protein. Ingredients have been shaped into a flexible, realistic pair of underwear with instructions on how to use them – and how to spare your own underwear.

Undies can be hidden around the house to create all the fun of stealing some real underwear, but none of the risks of ingesting harmful fabric, underwires or thread. Undies are made from one pure, single source vegetable per variety and are available in Pure Carrot (socks), Pure Celery (briefs) and Pure Beet (bras). All we’ve added is a natural turkey aroma, and nothing else.

Undies- The Honest Kitchen

Save yourself another expensive trip to Victoria’s Secret and spare the health of your perverted pup. And you might want to rub yourself down with turkey before you serve up some Undies, you know, for authenticity sake.  Okay, that’s our suggestion, not THK’s, but you’re no April Fool.

Shop Now for our Dehydrated Human Grade Edible Veggie Undies! 


  1. BOL… too funny. It could maybe work though…….

    • I would think the real reason dogs like our clothing is because it smells like us. It’s that bond they’re after. If I get relegated to turkey status, I think y feelings would be hurt!

  2. Nice try, Honest Kitchen. But seriously, lets talk when they invent edible undies that smell like they’ve been worn; otherwise, not gonna fly in my house. Ew. 😉

  3. Hee hee 🙂

  4. kimberlygauthier says:

    OMG this cracks me up! Fantastic! Our dogs are sock dogs; they don’t swallow them, they just like to play tug of war or lay them nearby.

    • Oh no, Kimberly! When we first adopted our guys, they loved anything that smelled like us, especially when we left the house – hiking maps, baseball caps, sunglasses. The cake topper was finding my underwear dragged through the dog door and shredded on the lawn. I’m so glad they’ve outgrown the need for that!

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