African Lions Need Your Help. Right Now.

If endangered African lions are listed as Endangered Throughout its Range under the Endangered Species Act, US importation of African lions and their parts would be banned. The United States is  the world’s largest importer of commercially traded endangered African lion parts and lion trophies. This trend is only increasing.

Take a Stand for Endangered African Lions by Monday, January 28.

Help Endangered African Lions



Help Endangered African Lions




  1. Signed! Thanks for letting me know about this cause. Killing lions to collect trophy’s is ludicrous.

  2. Signed and shared! We can’t keep ignoring things like this. It terrifies me that so many animals may disappear in my lifetime.

  3. I had no idea. If someone had asked me to guess who was the largest importer I would have guessed China without a second thought. I am absolutely shocked. WTH are we using lion parts for???? Ugh! Going to sign the petition now. Will share as well. Thanks for the heads up Kim.

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