Our Favorite Dog Word: “Fudge!”

Emmett Shreds Toilet PaperRemember this scene from A Christmas Story? Young Ralphie and his father bonding over a flat tire at the curb, the hub cap full of bolts sent soaring deep into the dark, Ralphie yelling “Fuuuuuudge!”  … narrating the amendment, “Only I didn’t say fudge.”

My husband and I have had those “Fuuuuuudge!” moments with our dogs, especially when our Newfoundland, Shamus, and his sidekick hound, Emmett, eat “treats” that they shouldn’t.

We’ve actually had this conversation, word for word:

TIM (yelling from dog yard through window): You missing a yellow scrunchy?
KIM: Maybe. Why?
TIM (observing shovel of shit): Want it back?

And there it is. My first thought. “Fuuuuuudge!”

I submitted this story entry to the fabulous Jason Dodge, cartoonist of Life with Dogs’ Fudge and Friends comic strip some time ago. The prize? A custom strip featuring our own Shamus and Emmett (sans two-leggers)!

Fudge and Friends - Jason Dodge

I meant to post this months ago but, like Ralphie’s bolts sent sailing into the dark, plans got scattered.

What sparked my memory now? Seeing red …

Jason’s interpretation of our story features not a yellow scrunchy but a red one. Guess what Tim found on his shovel this weekend.



  1. Oh dear… too funny! 🙂

  2. Ha! That’s what you say! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

    My latest conversation: http://thisonewildlife.com/cast-of-characters/

  3. julesmelfi says:

    Too funny – love the comic!!

  4. @julesmelfi Thanks, Jules! Jason did a great job capturing our guys’ personalities!

    My latest conversation: http://thisonewildlife.com/cast-of-characters/

  5. Awesome and funny, I really enjoy the two dogs arguing about the “poo, poo” they are cute. You make me laugh actually, thanks for posting this, keep on keeping on!

  6. jasonsunburstdodge says:



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