Dog Wars? Thanks for Nothing, Google.

Ban Dog WarsThere’s a new game on the scene called Dog Wars, a dog fighting app for Android smartphones.  The tag line is “Raise your dog to beat the best.” Gamer “dejay” gives the app 5 stars saying (without proper punctuation): “great game now I know the rush mike vick use to feel!!!” That’s right. You can now experience the joys of inflicting horrific abuse on animals by fighting digital dogs online. “But dog fighting is outlawed in my area!” you say. No worries. Makers of the game assure you, dear customers forking over cash to perpetuate a culture of abuse, that to play isn’t breaking any laws. Legally, perhaps this is true. Ethically? Morally? Are you kidding me?! FIGHT BACK!Well, Dog Wars, you aren’t the only one with a fight in you. When you foster virtual cruelty, you foster it in reality. And animal advocates have a game of our own. It’s called, Digital Damnation. I encourage anybody as outraged as I am to play.

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Makers of the app tell dissenters like me, “If you have a bug up your b*tt about the game concept, remember: It is just A VIDEO GAME.”


Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become character. Character becomes your destiny.

WHAT GOES AROUND… Make no mistake, Kage Games, has a softer side. “Never let your dog go hungry or thirsty… you must train it and feed it a while before you can fight other player’s dogs.” Hey, isn’t that all a fighting dog needs? I mean that … and steroids for body mass, narcotics to block pain and fear, heavy chains for isolation and a little peroxide for that deep gash exposing a kidney. (Just shove that back in.) To those of you who enjoy these thoughts, thanks for chalking up one more black mark on humanity as a whole. And cheers to Karma, baby. That’s MY favorite game.


  1. The Road Dogs says:

    Oh, think we're gonna be sick! Totally agree with you! Signing petition now! Thanks for the heads up!

    The Road Dogs

  2. I wrote about this, too… did you see the keywords? "train to dogfight with this interactive app". Glad to see the petition holds so many signatures!

    • Terrific, AJ! This weekend the petition was at just 4500. It nearly doubled by Monday morning. Last time I joined others to promote the petition banning the sale of animals in EBay classifieds, I watched the numbers skyrocket toward 10,000 in just days.

      And yes, I did see the keywords. Others included "Aggression, dog fighting, buy weapons, puppy," and others that were incredibly disturbing.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Kim. This is disgusting – signing the petition and sharing now.

  4. Is google out of their fucking mind, to endorse an app called dog wars. I will never own an android phone or google anything. I will buy an Iphone….

  5. Jane Accardo says:

    They dont strongly control what apps get on as it is a “free” market for developers (not Google developers). However if enough people flag the app they will remove that is the most effective way to get it removed

  6. Your Daily Cute says:

    Shared and signed. What’s wrong with people?!

  7. Kim Clune says:

    Jane, I agree with you. I also believe that collecting 8,000 signatures on a petition released just days ago (with numbers skyrocketing as we speak) might make a pretty good impact too. hasn’t even done their press release or alerted their email list yet. Imagine THAT impact.

  8. Susan Lawlor says:

    the world is sick and is getting sicker with each so called game they bring out and so is anyone that likes to play them.

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