Halloween Dog Dream or Real Life Nightmare? #BarkWorld

Halloween dog: Emmett Dreams

Our Halloween dog’s body rocked and whimpered as  nightmarish, dirt-nap  fantasies tortured his brain. Vultures circled his limp shell as he screamed “I’m not dead yet!” in a horrific howl that no one but he could hear. Circling closer, the big, black birds screeched the deathly sound of hunting Pterodactyls.

Was it all a dream – or a real life nightmare?

Emmett clearly should have come to BarkWorld Expo, where Halloween is fun, not frightening.

Wet-nosed friends dressed their best for the HOWL-O-Ween Charity Pawty sponsored by The Atlanta Dog Spa. Featured judges were Rick Tamargo from Haute or Not Pets, Brett Chisholm of Life + Dog Magazine, Ed Sayers of the ASPCA, and Kat Smith from Petco.

Here’s one happy little spectator…

Happy Dog

For fabulous photos of furry contestants in costume, visit the Atlanta Dog Spa Facebook Album and My Favorite Pup Jasmine.

Donning our biggest, baddest, badass look as Be the Change for Animals‘ Little Red Riding Hoods, our motto was:

“Save a wolf. Eat Me.”

Little Red Riding Hoods - BarkWorld

L to R: Amy & Buster (GoPetFriendly.com), me, & Kristine Tonks (Rescued Insanity)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Had a blast with the costumes – I can’t wait to see what we come up with next year. Hopefully we have a more cooperative canine participant so we can get into the competition.

    • Thank for letting the rest of us “hoods” jump in on your Little Red idea. I loved that this took an interesting turn going gangsta. And great job on Buster’s Big Bad hoodie!

  2. Love the video, that was some great timing on your part! I hope Emmett remains safe from the vulture’s talons tonight.

    I agree with Amy. We’ll have to outdo ourselves next year.

    • It would be great if we could get together for Halloween again! Although it looks like BarkWorld will be late August 2013. Thanks for playing! I had such a ball with you!

  3. Hey, photo proof that Buster WAS there. I never got to actually see him in the flesh so I began to suspect Amy was lying. Ha, ha. Love your Little Red Riding Hoods theme.

    • Yeah, Big Bad Buster was lurking in the shadows behind the scenes, true to character. Wolves are pretty solitary creatures, it seems. Parties just ain’t their thang.

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