Happy Birthday, Crazy Cats!

Birthday Cats

Welcome to the party!

Today begins the month-long celebration of our cats turning one year old – and you’re invited!

“Why celebrate the whole month?” you ask.

Jackson turns 1 on October 7th and Jed does so on October 28th (which is also my 40th birthday). Who needs to do math? We’ll simply call it Catoberfest, be done with it, and have fun with it!

“But aren’t your cats brothers? How do they have different birthdays?”

Actually, Jackson and Jed are half brothers. They were born three weeks apart to the same mother but different fathers. For more on that back-country conundrum, read the section called “Our Little Miracles” on the kittens’ adoption post.

Litter Kwitter“Where are the presents!??”

We’re pulling out all the stops … We’ll have new cat toys from the papa, toys for the momma, and even a toy for one lucky reader and their cat. That’s right!

Check back tomorrow. You’ll learn how to win a Litter Kwitter and rid yourself of that nasty litter box forever. (This is actually the momma’s toy and I want you to join me for an 8 week toilet training adventure.)

Remembering where we began…

Kicking off the celebration, let’s look back to the first day we met our boys at AnimalKind in Hudson, NY. Adopted at just 3 months of age, they were so cuddly, compact and containable back then…


Where we’ve been…

I still cry when I watch that video. And then I remember the survival of – and purring through – respiratory infections yielding cute little sneezes on window panes, bonding though 30 days of Bartonella treatment and 30 days of Ringworm treatment, each disease in duplicate, sharing the love by getting ringworm on my face, the shock of Jed losing his tooth in his brother’s face, laughing at the ambitious overturning of potted trees, peeing in the planters, pillow fights, napping with dogs, explosive rolls of toilet paper, the cat fight on my head, the constant counter surfing, dual squirt gun deterant attacks, Jackson declaring the cat box his sand box…

Appreciating every moment…

These countless adventures have been priceless. I am so keenly aware of how hard we’ve laughed, how much we’ve loved and how wonderful it is that you, dear reader, are here to share these experiences with us. Thank you for following along.

Happy Birthday Month, my baby boys. You make every day a celebration.


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to ALL OF YOU!!!!

    I am an October baby as well! (October 20th) and my Cat Chat will turn one at the end of October!

    I have you waaaaay beat on age though….enjoy turning 40! Ahhh to be 40 again!

  2. Hello There!

    We love your blog and we are going to feature it on Pet Blogger Support Saturday today! Congratulations and Woofy Woo to you!

    Lookie Lou and the Crew

  3. Too cute! Happy birthmonth to the kitties!

  4. Happy very belated Birthday!!!! Lots of purrs!! Animalkind and it’s kitties!

    • Thank you, Katrin! Thanks for bringing these babies into our lives. It’s good to
      celebrate their third year now and I look forward to many, many more to come!

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