Giveaway: Angry Birds Pet Toys from Hartz

Hartz Angry Birds ToysHartz for the Holidays recently brought the Angry Birds game to our pet household. Oh yeah. My worlds not only collide, but they are now complete. You too could have a goodie bag chock full of giggling and oinking dog or cat toys, and just in time for the holidays. See below for details!


While we gave our free samples some tough workouts, these are my – I mean our – favorites:

The adorable 4” plush ball comes to life with the real Angry Birds soundwaves and cracks me up. It’s also available in a 2.5” version for smaller dogs. Our cats love to bunny kick these, too, so don’t count them out for your cats! You can hear the sounds in our video below.

Hartz Angry Birds DiscWith a red bird on one side and a green pig on the other, the durable yet flexible Hartz Angry Birds Tuff Stuff™ Flyers travel long distances and are easy on our dog’s teeth. Constructed of super-durable ballistic nylon and double stitched seams, this toy can stand up to even the toughest chewers. Grips throughout the disc also make this a great tug toy, and the squeaker in the center will keep your dog interested during solo play. They even float!

Shamus and PigHartz® Angry Birds® Catnip Heads™ catnip refillable toy attracts the attention of both our dogs and cats. One bats it, another chases it, yet another steals it. Yes, we suprvise so the dogs don’t eat them whole – which they would – but it’s a total riot. This favorite goes hand in hand with the Hartz® Angry Birds® Wand, adding an elastic string with unpredictable yet hilarious results. Cats, dogs, birds, and pigs fly through air at once, none landing at the same time.


We had a little competition. Guess who wins…

Hartz has also an awesome video featuring enthusiastic dogs (who aren’t intimidated by cats). Watch “Now They Can Play Too – Hartz Angry Birds Pet Toys


US residents, tell me your favorite toy and whether it’s for a dog or cat in the comments section by Sunday at Midnight EST to be entered to win. Extra entries can be earned by sharing on Facebook or Twitter. One randomly chosen winner will be announced on December 12th. Best of luck to you all!


Yeah. It’s tough, I know. If you want to just go straight for the perfect gift, these toys are all available on (affiliate link).


  1. Luna (our Golden Retrievers) favorite toy is a Beanie baby fish. But she also loves some Angry Birds!!

  2. We bought the angry birds fishing pole thing for a cat friend. Looks like fun! Kelly’s favorite toy is her tug a jug, or her pink bunny.

    • Oh my gosh. That fishing pole toy is such a hit here. The cats have nearly killed both the stuffies that came with it. Good thing I can get replacements! Good luck to you!

  3. Oh my gosh – your cats are so funny – and naughty! =)

    That Tuff Stuff Flyer looks like it would be a blast! Buster’s favorite games are tug and fetch, so that toy looks perfect for him. Ty would probably prefer the Catnip Heads – though he’s never actually tried catnip himself. 🙂

    • Naughty cats indeed… and they don’t believe in Santa so I can’t even threaten them with his lack of toys. LOL. Catnip heads for Ty? LOL! I could actually see that!

  4. We have four dogs and four different favorites — one is a ball dog, one is a stuffy dog, one is a food toy dog and one is a chewy dog. We have a lot of toys on the floor at our house!

  5. LOL…what a riot! Hey, CindyLu is offering lessons to Shamus on how to divide and conquer. Poor guy, he’s like Chester – too polite with the others. In our house, balls reign supreme, for the cats AND the dogs. I’ll bet they’d love the Catnip Head!

  6. I live in Canada so if I win I’ll donate it to a US pal.
    Just want to say how impressed I am with the snow falling on your Blog banner. Cool!!!

    • Aww. That’s mighty generous, Lisa! And I’m glad you like the snow. Our house is in the middle of demolition so the only thing I can decorate is my blog. 😉

  7. Brandon would love the Hartz® Chew ‘n Clean® Dental Duo, for dogs 🙂

  8. Sharon Gilbert says:

    My dogs like the Angry Birds Tuff Stuff™ Flyers because they both can play and tug at the same time,

  9. Actually, ahem, my Prince makes his own line of toys called RoyalUnderwear, PantiesInABunch, but if we have to choose from the competition, Catnip Head.

  10. I like the Angry Birds Kitty Wand best! Send those birds flying through the air to get the piggies! My cats love jumping up for wand teasers, so I know they’ll love it!

  11. The Angry Birds Hard Heads for a lovely golden retriever who loves squeeze and sound toys and gets its attention when making squeak sound as birds! And when she is angry she really gets angry and gets no attention so maybe an angry bird will be a good partner for her 😛

  12. thepricklypinecone says:

    I love the look of the cat fishing pole! My cats favorite games include chasing string and pieces of ribbon, I just know she would love the fishing pole!

  13. Well I love the Angry Bird Hard Heads and the Tuff Stuff Flyer Dog Toy and I’m sure my golden retriever puppy would love them aswell so I have to say she’d like either both of them, Cheers and happy Holidays!

  14. My dogs would love the Tuff Stuff Flyer the most, because they love to (try) to catch and fetch! I hope I win! 🙂

  15. I love the Angry Birds Hard Heads and the Tuff Stuff Flyer but to be honest my dog loves toys that bounce and move so probably she’d like the Catnip Heads and Running Bird too even thought its for cats hehe

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