Healthy Valentine’s Day!

Having feared loss, injury or sickness after my dogs’ recent mis-adventures, what better way to celebrate their health and happiness this Valentine’s Day than with recipes Made out of Love from The Honest Kitchen? (And, because we love having you on our mis-adventures, see the sweet freebies at the bottom of this post – for you and your pet!)

Liver Nibblers


So, who is The Honest Kitchen? Their team prepares meals for your dog or cat using human-grade ingredients and the gentle method of dehydration to remove moisture, not nutrition. Just add water to make fresh daily stews and go! (Read their free e-Book, Feed Your Way to a Healthy Pet.)

I adore them because their healthy ingredients are cruelty, hormone and antibiotic free, free-range or line-caught, fair-trade, often organic and never tested on lab animals or genetically-modified. The packaging is a combination of US-made, 100% recycled biodegradable paper and partially post-consumer recycled plastic printed with soy-based inks.  … What’s not to love?


canine quiche

recipe bookMade Out of Love, The Honest Kitchen’s first ever recipe book, is worth a look (aren’t the photographs beautiful?), not to mention a taste – for you and your pet!

As their website says:

Made out of Love is packed with more than 65 recipes of meals and treats that you can prepare for (and some to actually share with) your animal companions. Some recipes include Honest Kitchen products and many are simply made from ingredients that you’d find in your own kitchen.


Click & print these free sample recipes:

Lucy Postins, The Honest Kitchen’s founder and nutritionist, whips up some Valentine Liver Nibblers (pictured at top) in the video below.

If you’d like the print version, visit The Honest Kitchen blog post, “Valentine’s Treats made out of Love” where you’ll also find the recipe for Valentine’s Pup Cakes.

Made out of Love is a terrific addition to your culinary bookshelf and it makes a great gift for any animal lover in your life. See how to get one FREE below.


Enjoy a copy of the Made out of Love recipe book
FREE with purchase of a 4 lb or 10 lb Embark
– now through midnight February 28, 2011.

Books are available at participating resellers and in
The Honest Kitchen Online Shop using coupon code FEB11PCK.

Download the coupon now.

Have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day!
Wish your furkids lots of love from us.

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  1. This food looks delicious. Are you sure they're for doggies?

    Good to hear Shamus and Emmet are back to being healthy and happy. Happy V-Day Ms Klune 🙂

    • I know, Georgia, right? It looks amazing! As I wrote this last night, I showed Tim the photos. We both looked at each other saying, "Okay, now I'm I'm hungry. What's for dinner?"

      I'm eager to see the treats for both humans and dogs. This recipe book has it all!

  2. Wow, that looks better than the meatloaf I just had for dinner. Yum! Thanks for sharing the recipes. My dog is my favourite family member to cook for – she gobbles everything up, regardless of how I flub things.

    Happy Valentine's! I hope your dogs are feeling better!

    • Yep. Looks better than yesterday's nuked spaghetti too. I hate reheated tomato sauce. I want to see the recipes that we can actually eat with our dogs. 🙂

      Emmett is healing. Shamus is actually worse – swollen ankle turned to swollen leg. No broken bones so I wonder if he tore something.

  3. I don't eat red meats, but I have to admit that these look like people-grade yummy food.

    • Me either, Michele, and it's making me drool like a Newf. I'd blame my salivation on my lack of cooking these days, but it's not just deprivation. This food really does look delicious!

  4. Wow! I want some! Best to not show the photos to the animals here…;) What a great way to celebrate an occasion with your pet, with super-wholesome food they'd love to eat. Love it!

  5. Hk always makes good stuff! I am so going over to the site to check out the recipes!

    • You've always got good dog treats on your site too, Karen. If only I liked to cook more often. This is why I love THK food, though. I feel like I'm "cooking" for the dogs for every meal – even without their special recipes. Now I just need a vegetarian version for my own consumption.

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