Help Joey Stop Animal Sex – The Contest

Help JoeyYour Mission, Should You Choose to Accept

Joey Henry of is a serious dude on a serious mission – to stop animal overpopulation – and he needs our help. Together, we have to stop dogs and cats from chasing tail.

Meet Joey

Joey has dedicated his life to keeping unaltered pets from doing the sex. Ya see, since Joey isn’t licensed to spay or neuter, he learns what he calls Catanese to better communicate the importance of abstinence to cats. He sabotages the love nests of wild dogs in heat. He even chases sex kittens wearing furry dog costumes. He also has a product line to get the job done, including Humpables, the Birds and Bees book for pets, and a chastity belts  for hopeless addicts who won’t listen to reason. (All products are fictional – for now.)

Help Joey Spread the Word and You Could Win a Shirt

Joey InterventionTo win the Help Joey tee, leave a comment below with your best ideas for halting animal deflowerment. Add links to visual aids if it helps. Comments close 11:59 EST on 1/22/11. Joey will pick his favorite, most creative sex-stopper and ship that person a shirt. No matter how you spread Joey’s message, you’ll win a most gratifying experience:  improving the lives of animals.

Psst. Sharing your ideas on Joey’s Facebook Page might curry favor. (I’m just guessing.) Besides, he’s giving away shirts there too.

This One Wild Life Helps Joey – The Video

I taught our Newfoundland the importance of “keeping it in his pants” and, once he understood, he emphatically spread the word. So yeah, we’ve got Curtis Hill covered. It’s your turn.

What’s in your pants?
Help Joey.


  1. Jody Ann Vernay says:

    come on, doing the sex, it's not all it's cracked up to be!! Please, SAVE LIVES, spay and neuter!!

  2. This video is beyond hilarious! Go Shamus, taking the purity pledge! 😉 I love this whole concept – spreading the message in such a creative way, it is sure to get some attention.

    • Thanks, Kristine! I think Shamus stopped hating us for his neuter the minute we took his pants off.

      And Help Joey is the most brilliant spay/neuter ad campaign I have ever seen. Marketing genius that isn’t tedious … Ooh. I like that.

      PS: I’ll post the outtakes when we announce the winner.

  3. Oh, dear. That's funny. I didn't realize he was wearing pants at first.

  4. is one of my favorite sites. May we could teach our dogs and cats to just bark or meow "NO!"

    • My cats already bark "NO!" every time I tell them to get off the counter, Michele. Yes, bark. And stare. Doing everything but getting down. "Just say no" is their motto.

  5. HAHAHA! Awesome, Kim. Shamus is a natural!

    • I'll tell him you said so, Maggie. We shot the bit with the "it" in his pants first thinking he wouldn't sit still, but then he just stayed there. This turned out so much better than I imagined, thanks to both my dog's patience and my husband's camera work, We had so much fun!

  6. Lea Pucket Jeffrey says:

    Great funny video!

    I think the best way to get people to comply would be to show them the real numbers of the millions upon millions of dollar used each year on stray/abandoned animals. This cost to tax payers is unbelievably high. I feel laws should be put into place requiring all animals to be fixed before 1 year of age with the only exceptions being those who would then be required to have permits. Stiff penalties should be issued to any one breaking those laws.

    I also think making people more aware of the value of animals would help. Seriously, my mother, a shut in, would be alone with nothing to take her mind off her illnesses. Additionally, caring for her cat now gives my aging mother a purpose to get up daily.

    All the fun and humor aside education is the best weapon out there to tackle this problem…

    • Hi Lea,

      Thanks for your comment.

      There is plenty of room for multiple approaches to education. Joey’s Humor cuts through public numbness after having heard the spay/neuter argument over and over again. People have seen the stats, got angry over cost, shed tears over the mass killing of healthy pets due to overpopulation. Now many just turn the channel. Luring people back in a positive way offers a chance to re-engage and then educate – which Joey’s page does. Don’t underestimate the power in that. It’s as valuable as your mother’s cat.

  7. Shamus should win a golden globe for his role in that bit! This campaign is original and funny, and a creative way to spread the word.

  8. When I have to give the speech to animals and it's not seeming to work, I just tell them the sex monster will get them. The dog seems happy about this at first until I show them the link:

  9. Brilliant! I love the video.

  10. Great videos!

    Some messages:

    – Just say "no" to Sexy Time.

    – Let me introduce you to some attractive alternatives: Mr. Fuzzy Bunny… Mr. Fuzzy Aligator… Mr. Fuzzy Slippers… oh look, how about our unsuspecting guests lower leg… good times…

  11. Oh how your video cracks me up!

    This campaign has the capacity to go viral and get some serious publicity.

    • Old timey comedian after thought: get the pets married (to each other, obviously). That kills a sex life, right?

    • Jen, the Help Joey campaign has grown leaps and bounds since it started in October, 2010. I'm certainly jealous of their follower numbers, but that doesn't mean they don't need many, many more. 🙂 I want these guys to succeed in their mission SO badly.

      And wow. That's a sad thought on marriage – but if it works, I'm game!

  12. LOL! That was hilarious Kim!

    Vaccinations + chewed up furniture + constant poop pick up + wear & tear on home= Priceless

    Puppy Support is expensive. Won't you Spay &Neuter?

  13. I'm sorry, you guys. I've written Joey twice asking for his favorite answer. I was hoping to announce the winner before I leave the country for a week.

    Joey, if you're reading, feel free to announce the winner here while I'm away. Thanks!

  14. I’m sorry, you guys. I’ve written Joey twice asking for his favorite answer. I was hoping to announce the winner before I leave the country for a week.

    Joey, if you’re reading, feel free to announce the winner here while I’m away. Thanks!

  15. Since the Help Joey Campaign went on an indefinite hiatus in the midst of this contest, I apologize but there is no shirt to offer. I find the end of truly sad. (Read more about that here: This campaign did more to raise awareness about animal overpopulation than any other I had seen. In the midst of becoming a movement, it resulted in a stopment – unless we embody the message at the heart of and move forward on our own. I hope you’ll continue on that path with me.

  16. Thanks for the mention, Roxanne. And your Lilly sure is getting down with her bad self in her own Help Joey video. Hope everyone comes to see it (and not necessarily because they see it. Ew!


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