Holiday Raffle: Win Cash for You AND an Animal Charity!

Congratulations to winner Kristie Wright and her charity of choice,  The Leon County Humane Society, a membership – supported, no-kill organization!

Social Media For Social Good

Welcome to round two of our holiday raffle! ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and generous, and even a bit broke. But, with some luck, you could feel jolly for generously helping needy animals and even earn a few bucks for yourself!

Enter to become the one lucky winner who receives:

$112 cash delivered to your PayPal account and
$213 sent directly to the non-profit animal charity of your choice! 

Every animal lover you follow on Twitter below enters you into the random drawing for a chance to win.  The more actions you complete, the more entries you’ll toss in the hat! Not into Twitter?

First up, please share the animal charity you’ll give to in the comment section below. We’d love to learn about the work they do. Links are welcome and gushing is encouraged!

Our Donation Choice

If we win, we’ll not only send $213 to AnimalKind, Inc. a holistic cat rescue program in Hudson, NY, we’ll donate our $112 personal winnings, too! AnimalKind, Inc. rescues shelter cats from death row; manages feral colonies; offers disaster relief and TNR (trap, neuter/spay and release) to the community; engages with local towns for protective animal legislation; and provides people with the education and financial support needed to be good pet parents. It’s also where we adopted our two cats, Jed and Jackson,

In part one of this raffle, we shared video of our cats celebrating their first holiday season with us last year. Today, we share their adoption day with a glimpse at the inside workings of AnimalKind.

Best of luck! And thanks to the supporting bloggers and small business owners who banded together with organizers Two Little Cavaliers and Pamper Yourself in Pink for this social media event, chipping in a few dollars toward the prize money. We’re thrilled to be counted among you!

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  1. Oh Kim! Loved the video! I had not seen this before. I cannot imagine how you ever chose with all those wonderful cats you had to choose from. I love your videos. Just sweet.

    • Thanks for saying so, Mel! As for choosing, I would have loved an older cat, but we felt we needed fresh little minds to grow up feeling safe with the dogs from the start. The older ones with any kind of defensiveness wouldn’t mesh well with Emmett, our then troubled hound. (He’s come a long way, in part because of our kittens.) I used to get weepy for the cats left behind when I watched this. The good news is that, when I went back to AnimalKind, none of those cats were still there -although one looked similar. Still, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t the same guy.

  2. if I win, I’ll donate to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society!

  3. BTW – I still love to watch last year’s Christmas video. I can’t wait for this year’s video. 🙂

  4. If I win, the donation will be going to the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue. 😉

  5. Aw, what a heartwarming video! Happy almost-Gotcha Day to all of you:) My rescue of choice is Almost Home Foundation.

  6. If I win, I would donate to Pima Animal Care of Arizona — the local animal control shelter in Tucson needs help.

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