The Honest Kitchen Cat

The Honest KitchenThe dogs have been eating their favorite food from The Honest Kitchen for a few months now. As the scent of wholesome, healthy stew wafts through the air, they sit patiently knowing that all good things come in time. If you haven’t seen our dogs’ reaction at meal time, check out “Honest Kitchen Dogs” on YouTube.

Bottom line? They couldn’t be happier and we couldn’t either. Knowing that our boys are eating free range, hormone and antibiotic free meat as close to raw as possible in this household, well, that’s a holistic approach we vegetarians can get behind.

The thing is, that’s not why I’m writing. My real reason for this post is to show you my cat’s reaction to the Honest Kitchen. It seems Jed, our youngest, is pretty happy with THK too. In fact, all he needs is the box for dinner!

So, what’s in your kitchen?


  1. LOL! I love your cats Kim. Your videos of your pets always make me laugh!

  2. Just retweeted from our profile
    Cute looking x

  3. I also have a box addicted kitty! Gracie Lynn will claim any and all boxes as hers as evident by the chew marks on every available space. When I got my new laptop, I had it out of the box for little over two minute before Gracie got inside it.

  4. What CUTE kitties!! They've made our day here at THK ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. How did they manage not to knock the box off the table? haha. Looks like fun!

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