The Honest Kitchen: A Gift of Change for Senior Pets


Retaining good health has been a challenge in this household and is something we’ve grown to appreciate.  This is strongly influencing our gift giving this holiday season – for people and for pets.

For this reason, The Honest Kitchen’s limited-edition, all-natural Holiday Treat Pack is gracing our favorite dog-loving friends’ cupboard.


We had a special visitor recently, a lovely rescue dog named Quinn. Around these parts, we call her the Queen. You might recognize her eyes from the Be the Change for Animals logo. When founding BTC4animals, Amy and I chose Quinn as our mascot because her story embodied everything we wanted BTC to be about. Quinn is now a symbol of hope for abandoned pets everywhere and a celebration of local rescue.

Quinn was hit by a car as a young dog and her owners wouldn’t pay the vet fee. My husband, dog adoption director of our local rescue at the time, carried Quinn into the vet’s office and offered that much needed and timely care. Not only did Quinn survive, but she was able to keep a badly injured leg that was thought to need amputation.

Not long after receiving the gift of life, Quinn received another enormous gift. Rescue volunteer, Lori Harris, and her husband, Mike, opened their home to Quinn, first as a foster placement, and then as safe, permanent space filled with love. Since then, there have been countless hikes, walks and hugs in Quinn’s life.


Many years later, Quinn is growing older. With age comes finicky eating habits. She recently stayed with us while Lori and Mike did some traveling and promptly went on a hunger strike for two days. The only thing that brought her around was a little warm broth I made from The Honest Kitchen’s Ice Pups. Seeing  The Honest Kitchen yield great results with Cleo, another senior dog with a lacking appetite, (See “Appetites, Good Smells, Senior Dog Wellness”), THK seemed worth a try for Quinn – and it was met with tail wagging success for every meal that followed.

I sent Ice Pups home with Quinn and it continued to work for some time. But then the finicky behaviors took hold once more.


Healthful variety is Lori and Mike’s challenge of the day and The Honest Kitchen may hold hope for Quinn’s appetite. Each Holiday Treat Pack contains hand-baked cookies for dogs as well as a trial size box of Force with a recipe to make festive ‘Holiday Sage and Honey Cakes’. My thought is that these tasty treats can be added to Quinn’s meals, making each more exciting. (Lori and Mike, if you’re reading, sorry to spoil the surprise, but you’re welcome to open upon delivery. No need to wait until Christmas!)

The box includes:

  • 8oz Pecks: We haven’t met a pup who didn’t love our famous bite-size Buffalo & Blueberry cookies – less than 1 calorie per ‘Peck’!
  • 8oz Nuzzles: Artisan Duck and Cherry, heart shaped cookies.
  • 8oz Smooches: Chicken and Cranberry heart-shaped cookies, with just a hint of aged Parmesan.
  • Force Trial Size: The base for our custom “Holiday Sage and Honey Cakes” recipe!
  • Plus, a festive recipe card and holiday greeting from The Honest Kitchen!


Order The Honest Kitchen’s festive and limited-edition, all-natural Holiday Treat Pack for a friend’s dog, or your own. It’s great for all ages! To boot, the box is gift-wrapped in a stunning seasonally-themed kraft box and printed with a ‘gift tag’ so you can write in who the treat pack is to and from (not available when shipped directly to the gift recipient).

Order by December 16th for December 23rd delivery.

AND… Save $5.00 on each Holiday Treat Box using the coupon code HOLIDAY5 (at, online in the US) while supplies last!



I am a proud participant in The Honest Kitchen’s Allies Program. I joined because, after dangerous recalls and increased deception about what constitutes “healthy” food in the pet food industry, I finally found a human grade, socially and environmentally conscious dog food company that I can trust my dogs’ life with. While I do receive samples and a discount through the program, I tell everybody I know about The Honest Kitchen because – bottom line – I want them to feel as good about what they feed their dogs as I do.


  1. I love this story about Quinn. I recommended The Honest Kitchen food to my Aunt last summer – she was having trouble getting her 13-year-old terrier to eat. Victor has been happily eating Keen since then and is doing great. It’s stressful when your elderly dog won’t eat. I’m so glad The Honest Kitchen is there to help. Enjoy your treats, Quinn!

    • Excellent news, Amy! I’m so happy for your aunt and her dog. These little critters are family and, like any person in our lives, it’s just as hard to watch our animals deteriorate. I’m good with anything that offers long health and longevity. Feeding THK feels like my own best shot at helping our guys along. Gotta love it.

  2. We love Honest Kitchen!

  3. We feed raw 90% of the time, but we always have a box of Honest Kitchen on hand for those days when I just can’t get meat done. I had no idea they had a holiday treat pack, we’d love to try it! I wonder if I can get my hands on one up here in Canada?

  4. Great story Kim, as always & thanks for the coupon!

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