The Human, Dog, Watermelon Connection

On a watermelon kick lately, I learned that my Newf, Shamus loves it too. How do I know? Cutting the fruit from the rind, the slippery bugger escaped me, landing – for all intents and purposes – right in the dog’s mouth. Now the two of us snack on it together. If I don’t share, and sometimes I don’t, I get the big old stink eye.

Watermelon 1Watermelon 2Watermelon 3Watermelon 4

Due to the severity of Shamus’ intense stare, I wondered if he might like watermelon even more than I do. I now see there are 8,300 reasons why that’s not true. They are called taste buds, and I have that many more than he does. My deduction, at this point, is that I win. My prize? More watermelon.

For more fun differences (and similarities) between dogs and humans, check out Dog vs. Human Anatomy Facts below.

Note: Humans sleep several hours less than dogs. Might this be why our Newf thinks he rightfully owns more of the bed?

Dog Anatomy Infographic
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  1. peggyfrezon says:

    Darn! Kelly won’t eat watermelon. Oh well, all the more for me!

  2. wantmorepuppies says:

    Love the photos!

  3. Sandi Force Mitchell says:

    My dog Remy loves watermelon! Apples and most other fruit also…don’t forget grapes are near lethal for dogs, however! Remy is a chocolate Lab.

  4. Kim Clune says:

    Absolutely about those grapes. Keep them away! Good to see Shamus has a kindred watermelon loving spirit in Remy. Shamus also picks apples from the dog yard tree daily. Sounds like Remy has a kindred spirit in Remy too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. victorg933 says:

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  6. My Newfs have all been fruit hounds. And avocados, too. Melons, oh my god. Cantaloupes apparently talk to them.. They even go for the clementines. Go figure. You could easily train them with bananas. We keep the fruit on a shelf about 5 feet up in the kitchen.

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