Dog Days of Summer Giveaway: Ice Pups Dog Treats!

The Honest Kitchen Ice PupsIt’s August. It’s HOT.
How are your dogs taking it?
Our black-backed, hairy Newf is often belly-up in front of the AC and non-stop panting. Our hound is a sun worshiper in need of constant hydration. We’ve just discovered a fun treat from The Honest Kitchen that cools our hot dogs off from the inside out … and we want to share it with you.

Ice Pups: They Make Your Dog Cool!

These puppies are super easy to make:

  • Pop the lid with a spoon handle.
  • Mix two heaping tablespoons of powder in a cup of warm water.
  • Stir, pour and , in the summertime, freeze.

This was supposed to be a demonstration video but, as you’ll soon see, it turned comedic in a hurry. I couldn’t feed the critters fast enough.


Ice Trays - Animal Rescue SiteSide note: I used cardboard bowls in a pinch, BUT, I just bought these paw-shaped ice cube trays from the Animal Rescue Site for our next batch of Ice Pups. Not only are they adorable for making bite-sized snacks, this purchase funds 14 bowls of food to rescues!

Ice Pups: They’re HOT!

Ice Pups can be served three different ways – for dogs AND for cats.

  • as a healthy sorbet – which we’re trying today
  • as a chilled, refreshing beverage
  • or, in the winter, as a warm broth after a rousing romp in the snow

Ice Pups: They’re Healthy!

Every food served from The Honest Kitchen keeps dogs and cats in good health. They holistically help pets in poor health too. Ice Pups’ tasty, natural ‘gravy’ increases palatability when transitioning your pet to a new diet. It bolsters drive for pets with a lowered appetite (especially during post-operative recovery). And, it aids those pets with kidney problems by increasing fluid intake. Check out the customer testimonials on their website comments section.

Ice Pups: They’re … Free? Yes! If you win…

Ice Pups are grain free, gluten free, contain free range poultry and you can get Ice Pups for Free right here!

Just leave a comment below describing what your dog would do for Ice Pups and you’ll be entered for a chance to become one of THREE LUCKY WINNERS!  This giveaway is limited to U.S. residents in the continental U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

Enter no later than 11:59 ET on August 21st, 2011.
Winners will be notified in the comment section below on Monday, August 22nd, 2011.

I can’t wait to read about your dogs’ tricks and silliest behaviors.
Best of luck to you all!

I am a proud participant in The Honest Kitchen’s ally program. I joined because, after dangerous recalls and increased deception about what constitutes “healthy” food in the pet food industry, I finally found a human grade, socially and environmentally conscious dog and cat food company that I can trust my pets’ life with. While I do receive free food, samples and a discount through the program, I tell everybody I know about The Honest Kitchen because – bottom line – I want you to feel as good about what you feed your pets as I do.


  1. tulamonstah says:

    Tula Monstah would give woo her bestest droolies! with a spin and some alligator snaps in the air! topped with a kiss!

  2. terrellkari says:

    Fred would try and sit 🙂 Haylie would sing a song for these!

  3. @tulamonstah OMG. I can picture that so vividly! Haha! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. @terrellkari That’s so funny. Poor Fred. It’s so hard to sit with all that excitement! If you watched the video, “try” is the operative word for our Emmett too. Can’t say I blame them.

  5. Kim Clune says:

    Proving that these are super easy to make and that cats and dogs LOVE them:

  6. Our Newfies would do a water rescue for these and our Maltese dogs would jump through hoops (big hoop, on the ground, treat on the other side). 😉

  7. @RachelM I’m sensing some significantly trained dogs here! You might have to share some video yourself if you win!

  8. My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much says:

    what a cute idea!

  9. mybrownnewfies says:

    Sherman would sit pretty and blow slobber bubbles and drool a river on the floor. Leroy would probably take it and spit it across the room for a record breaking distance and look at me for another! (Leroy is goofy when he tries new treats)

  10. My dog would sit and speak…..and wouldn’t stop until she got one.

  11. inthedoghouseblog says:

    What would my dog do for Ice Pups? What wouldn’t she do! Astrea is always happy to run through her list of tricks if it means a yummy treat, but my favorite is when she offers kisses and cuddles.

  12. I have grand dogs, if that counts! One black border collie mix and one – a who knows what mix -who is extremely active! I know Haylee would sit, roll over, sit up on her tiny stool (she is 60 lbs – quite humorous) play dead – whatever was necessary to get this treat!

    Your cats were a riot!

  13. cstironkat says:

    My dog would spin in circles, if you hide the treats he will find them, he can take them out of a plastic Easter egg without breaking the egg, and he can remove a scrunchie from your hair.

  14. I’m not gonna lie. My dogs would LOVE to try Ice Pups, but they’re not circus folks like the dogs that belong to the rest of your commenters. Are all the dogs mentioned below in Vegas shows or what??? 🙂

    So, what would my dogs do for Ice Pups? Well, they’d stare at you. They’d probably drool a little. Maybe, they’d lay on your feet. And for the encore, i bet they’d crawl in bed with you! See, they’re great dates!

    Oh, and of course, my blogging dog would recite a review to me after he’s gobbled them down (I’m his secretary, in addition to his mom).

    Now, give my babies Ice Pups darn it! ! 🙂

  15. Amber Avines says:

    Entered! Yay!

  16. @mybrownnewfies I know that drooling trick! Get the mop!

  17. @Ashley Does this mean howling … or reading Shakespeare? LOL.

  18. @Ashley Does this mean howling … or reading Shakespeare? LOL.

  19. @inthedoghouseblog Sounds like the perfect combination to me!

  20. @inthedoghouseblog Sounds like the perfect combination to me!

  21. @beyond_5 Wow! That’s quite a litany of tricks! Sitting on the stool is probably my favorite!

  22. @beyond_5 Wow! That’s quite a litany of tricks! Sitting on the stool is probably my favorite!

  23. @cstironkat Mine eat scrunchies – then leave them wrapped in brown, stinky yard presents. Sounds like your dog has some serious talent!

  24. Kim Clune says:

    Good luck you guys!

  25. @WordsDoneWrite Since this is a random drawing, even staring, drooling darlings have a good chance of winning. Don’t underestimate the power of a good stare!

  26. @Kim Clune I can’t take much credit for training them, just for spoiling them rotten. I’d love to share some video!

  27. ChristinaLudwig says:

    Chase would sit pretty, dance, spin in a circle, jump, bark and whine until you gave him one. Shadow would roll on his belly until you decided he was cute enough to get one(he thinks belly rubs along with treats is the best life ever!). Cooper on the other hand would just sit there and wait patiently until he got one.

  28. kelly45890 says:

    my dachshund/chihuahua mix would whine and bark until she got her treat. she would be too distracted to do any tricks until it was all gone! 🙂

  29. @ChristinaLudwig Wow. Three pups? That’s awesome! Sounds like an entertaining bunch!

  30. @kelly45890 Oh yes. That’s our household dilemma, too.

  31. @Kim Clune Ha ha. Yes, a good stare can alter the course of history!

  32. julesgp187 says:

    What would my pups do for ice pups? Turn themselves inside out in excitement for sure and then offer every trick in their repertoire!!

  33. @julesgp187 They truly don’t understand overkill… or that we’d just turn to mush with the slightest of effort. Right? 🙂

  34. What would my pups do for Ice Pups? It has been unusually hot in PA this summer, so my old dogs would sit, beg, and give kisses for such a cool treat! They used to roll over in unison, but they are older now (15,16,18) and I won’t ask them to roll over anymore. All paws crossed for good luck here 😉

  35. HeatherH2 says:

    Cooper would do anything for Ice Pups! He would read his flashcards to perform some of his favorite tricks, he’ll put himself to bed for a month, and though he doesn’t give pony rides-he would love to get a pony ride! If you’re looking for a dance partner he’d be glad to help you out there…

  36. Mugsy5808 says:

    My four pugs, Mugsy, Ernie, Busta Wu and Princess will give you plenty of Pug hugs and smooches for some Ice Pups!!! My 19 year old pug Mugsy can’t really do to much besides hug and kiss you because he has a really bad back right now and is at the age where walking is an issue. My other 3 pugs will go bananas for the Ice Pups. They would stand on 2 feet and try to take them from you! They are some clever pooch babies! lol.

  37. @Dianne 15, 16, and 18!! Wow. That is impressive! Good luck to your pups!

  38. @HeatherH2 Cooper reads flash cards? Haha! That’s funny … and awesome. I’ll have to get my guys some flash cards!

  39. @HeatherH2 Cooper reads flash cards? Haha! That’s funny … and awesome. I’ll have to get my guys some flash cards!

  40. @Mugsy5808 That’s quite a household! And a 19 year old dog … wow!

  41. @Mugsy5808 That’s quite a household! And a 19 year old dog … wow!

  42. Mugsy5808 says:

    @Kim Clune yes it is quite a household! They are more like children! lol. And yes Mister Mugsy is my 19 year old pug. He is a super pug! =)

  43. @Kim Clune@Dianne All 3 ~50 lbers were adopted as adults, 2 pit bull mixes and a border collie/cattle dog mix. My pups love THK 🙂

  44. @cstironkat Hey there! I tried to reach you through the Google link you left, but it’s a dead end. Can you email me privately with your address so The Honest Kitchen can mail your Ice Pups? Thanks, and congratulations!! (If I don’t hear from you today, 8/22/11, I’ll have to pick another winner.)

  45. Congratulations, @ChristinaLudwig, @cstironkat, and @WordsDoneWrite! You are my 3 lucky winners (chosen by in The Dog Days of Summer Giveaway! Please provide your mailing address to so The Honest Kitchen can ship your winning Ice Pups prize.

    Thanks for playing, and I hope your dogs enjoy their frosty treats from The Honest Kitchen! To everybody else, your dogs sound delightful and I truly enjoyed reading your entries.

  46. Mugsy5808 says:


  47. Mugsy5808 says:


  48. cstironkat says:

    Dear Kim,

    Thank you so much, I sent you an email. Let me know if you do not receive.



  49. Kelly Ann T says:

    I entered, thank you for the chance.

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