Kim Clune’s Alaska – Sitka Part 1

Clune Palin

So far, while cruising Alaska, our excursions have offered amazing whale, bear and glacier sightings in Juneau (episode 1) and access to the pristine heart of Glacier Bay National Park (episode 2).

This week, we take a Palin-free, high speed pontoon boat through the intrepid waters surrounding Sitka. Join us as we discover a mother and calf humpback whale fishing for breakfast, sea otters frolicking about, a flock of cormorants, wash n’ dry Stellar sea lions, a congress of bald eagles and colorful sea stars decorating the dramatic, cloud-covered, mountain shoreline.


  1. Beautiful video. I especially loved seeing the congress of Eagles. That's my first time even seeing pictures of so many in one place.

    Saw you on the blog hop!

    • Thank you, Pamela! It's so much fun revisiting our photos and footage to make this series. And, yes, the numbers of eagles were impressive. We have a pair near our house in NY that nest every year and another pair a town away. But groups of 10? That blew my mind.

      Just a little heads-up. Let me invite you to next week's episode when we head to Sitka's raptor rehabilitation center to meet eagles and hawks up close. We learned so much there that I'll have to cover that part of our Sitka adventure separately.

      Glad you stopped by!

  2. Wonderful video. Always love stoppin' here.

    Y'all come by now,

    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Your comment just made my morning, Hawk. I promise, I’ll be dropping by your blog shortly. Just grabbing a fresh cuppa and letting the dogs in from the cold so I can hunker down and enjoy it without interruption.

  3. What a great video! I always enjoy your blog!!

  4. So fun to travel via you! I haven't been too many places, so this is fun for me. loved the video. Looking forward to more!

    • Glad to have you along for the ride, Peggy! It's always more fun with friends. Would you be interested in seeing the Caribbean and Mexico too? I was thinking about doing the same for those trips.

  5. Gorgeous, Kim! I hope Rod and I get to visit Alaska one day. I have to say those eagles scare me a bit. I look at that big beak right next to the guys face and I think, "Boy, I hope he doesn't say anything that makes that bird angry."

    • Haha! Amy, that reminds me of my cockatiel who loves to preen my eyelashes. Sitka, the eagle, actually started eating the guy's zipper, but that bit of the video was so poorly shot that I cut it out.

      This was the first trip we ever took with our brand new camcorder. We learned only after this vacation not to have a love affair with the zoom button. Rather than making the object more viewable, the constant motion of moving back and forth just made us sick when watching. That said, this presentation was about an hour and the footage you saw was all I could pull from it. (!!!)

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