Kim Clune’s Alaska – Sitka Part 2

Clune Palin

So far, while cruising Alaska, our excursions have offered amazing whale, bear and glacier sightings in  Juneau (episode 1), access to the pristine heart of  Glacier Bay National Park (episode 2), and a ride on a high-speed pontoon boat through the intrepid waters surrounding Sitka (episode 3).

This week we head into the town of Sitka, to the Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center, to meet several American Bald Eagles, a Golden Eagle, a Great Horned Owl, a Raven and a Paregrine Falcon. We also visit Castle Hill, St. Micheal’s Cathedral and Crescent Bay.

Please note: Unlike Sarah Palin’s Alaska, no caribou were shot and slaughtered here for political gain.


  1. child weight managem says:

    Apparently Sarah Palin is planning on visiting the UK. How's she ever going to know where it is – unless she can see it from her house? LOL!

  2. What a great video travel log you've got here! I really like what you're doing with the photos too, with close up frame by frames, and the eagle landing on the mast was a smart way to depict that action – made me smile;) Thanks so much for sharing – oh, and that dessert plate looked fabulously unexpected for boat fare!

    • Mary,

      I don't know how I missed your note but I'm grateful to have found it now! Thanks for the thoughtful comments.

      And you'd be impressed with cruise cuisine. We lovingly call it the Eating Olympics. Everything is so fresh, colorful and delicious and the pride that goes into the food is palpable. At the end of the cruise, all the galley staff and servers come out and do a huge presentation, dancing and music included. One night during our last cruise, they had an enormous spread of delicacies all around the pool: from a hand-carved butter block shaped into a 3 foot Eiffel Tower to bread baked into the shape of lobsters – and chocolate fountains with the most deliciously decorative deserts for dipping! For the Alaska cruise, the grand finale involved all the chefs, in their towering white hats and white aprons, marching down the double staircase with flaming baked Alaska! I love cruise food and the warm, friendly setting that compliments it thanks to a very courteous staff, at least on Holland America.

  3. Wow – now you made me want to go plan a cruise with them! Hey, that is one heck of an endorsement with no remuneration – they should hire you for PR! Really a wonderful description of what must have been a fabulous time. I love cruises too – didn't think I would, thought I would be bored…ha, I was sooo wrong! Thanks for sharing all of this – I really had been thinking about an Alaska cruise so this has not only been a ton of fun for me, but very useful, too:)

  4. Kim, you are so pretty. Why did you put a photo of SP on your page. That woman sickens me!

    • I'm with you, Michele. She sickens me too, even more as I watch her Alaska series. It started with curiosity having been to Alaska and wanting to go back, but then I felt compelled to start my own version, a Palin-free alternative produced in direct ethical competition. Here's how it began. Now folks can see Alaska without the senseless killing of caribou for political gain or the beating of halibut with Billy clubs as an outlet for Bristol's frustration over unfavorable tabloid coverage.

      As for the photo, it was taken at our politically themed Halloween party just before the Presidential election. We had two Palin's wearing suits with 10K price tags (me being one with a rifle strapped across my back), two pigs wearing lipstick, three hockey moms and a few Joe Sixpacks for good measure. Oh, and my pregnant friend came as Bristol. It was a terrific fun. You can find the album on Facebook.

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