Dog (and Cat) Days of Hairballs

About this time last year, I wrote the following regarding National Hairball Appreciation Day:

Having been celebrated on April 27th since 2006 (or, at least that’s how far back internet records go), and Animal Planet break with tradition and list the 2010 celebration for today (April 30th).

This year, Furminator, a handy tool for stripping out dead pet hair, chose April 29th to celebrate. Shouldn’t we just call it National Hairball Appreciation Week and be done with the confusion?

Whatever the day, the concept remains. Hairballs can be dangerous and proper grooming is an important preventative. Last year, we posted Jed’s giant hairball.

Jed's Nasty Hairball

Oddly, his looks a lot like the Newf’s,  and you thought hairballs were just for cats!

Shamus' Hairball

Groom your pets for health and happiness… and beware the hairball.

The National Museum of Health and Medicine’s Virtual Museum of Hairballs, displayed annually (beginning every April 27th, mind you), explores the myths and realities behind these medical curiosities. I warn you now, the photos at the bottom are awe inspiring and, well, gross. Enjoy.


  1. Those are some impressive hairballs!

  2. Stopped by from the blog hop…interesting topic. We Eskies blow coat and shed A LOT! So hairballs are an issue that affects our family…especially since Puff likes to pull the loose fur from her legs and EAT it (gross!). Momma gives us special vitamins and healthy foods and dad brushes us nearly everyday to avoid the dreaded hairballs. Would hate to hack up on of those like you showed!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Siku! Yeah, the whole hair eating thing is beyond me. Those stray fibers I eat are strictly accidental. You know… the ones that end up in the butter, the sour cream, the …

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