Help Little Molly Spread the Word – No Pet Store Puppies!

Joey and Molly

Sunday, July 21st is “No Pet Store Puppies Day,” the third year of the ASPCA’s campaign to fight puppy mills. But it doesn’t end there.

Molly and her dog Joey know that puppy mills are bad and why to avoid pet stores that sell puppies. That beats 78 percent of consumers who remain unaware that most pet stores puppies come from puppy mills. (This according to a national study conducted by Lake Research Partners and commissioned  by The ASPCA.)

Molly may be a child, yet she has the power to educate millions, if we help her. Besides, she and her dog are too adorable. See for yourself.

In honor of ending the puppy mill industry, please share Molly’s message. Do it for the dogs.

  • Share the “Meet Molly” video across their social networks, thus educating people that shopping in pet stores that sell puppies supports puppy mill cruelty.
  • Take the Pledge not to shop for anything –including pet food, toys, etc – at pet stores stores or on websites that sell puppies.
  • Check out the newly launched consumer tool that allows consumers to see photos taken inside U.S. Department of Agriculture licensed commercial dog breeding facilities that sell puppies to pet stores around the country.
  • Join the ASPCA Puppy Mills Awareness Twitter chat with the hashtag #ASPCAchat taking place on Tuesday, July 23rd from 1pm-2pm EST!


Let’s up the stakes! Leave a comment below about why you agree with Molly and you’ll earn a chance to win a special No Pet Store Puppies gift pack!

Inside, you’ll find:

ASPCA Gift Pack


Our winner, randomly selected on July 24, 2013, is JEFF! Congratulations, Jeff! I hope you enjoy your ASPCA gift pack!!


I’m now off to find homes for mill rescues that just came in. They are clearly happy to be set free!


  1. I intercepted a dog that was ‘used up’ and on her way to be destroyed and I’m trying to bring her back from near death. Buying a pet store puppy only causes MORE of cases like her. is where I wll be documenting her progress.

    • Liz, I wish you well in your progress. Thank you for caring for this poor dog and for sharing your link.

      I think the most difficult thing for people to understand is that “buying to save that pet store puppy” leads to thousands of horror stories for the dogs still in the mills. Comments on Molly’s YouTube video that emphatically spout this type of “saving” are difficult to read. It’s tragic to see those pups in the window, but that one dog is just the tip of the iceberg.

      Buying that puppy just funds the continuance on such a grand scale that saving dogs must be done either systemically or through interception, as you mention. Whatever the means, rewarding millers with money to continue their inhumane practices is not the fix.

  2. Reading about puppy mills is enough to make anyone feel this way, and especially if you ever visit a shelter. My dogs have always been rescues at shelters.

    The most disturbing version of these stores that I’ve seen is called ‘Furry Babies’. It is a chain that has employees dress as nurses and keeps animals in ‘cribs’ for people to shop. Beyond the fact that the facade results in sub-par conditions for the animals, this particular store is in a mall. These animals come from mills and then are treated like toys in a place where people window shop for entertainment. It breaks my heart, and I’m glad to see a positive campaign to educate people. I’ve personally just boycotted the entire mall and made sure to explain it to others – but I’ve never been sure how to reach a larger audience without people assuming I’m being silly. I’ll share this for sure. Thanks you!

    • Furry Babies sounds just awful! Thank you for spreading the word in your area. Perhaps you could start a Facebook group to organize local animal advocates to protest with signs outside the mall. One voice is important, but many drive a point home. By rallying those who understand to make a greater impact, you won’t appear silly at all. You’ll be one of the important voices in a crowd speaking for those who can’t.

      Thank you for sharing Molly’s video. Pet stores target kids and dogs so using kids and dogs to undermine a display of animals as toys for entertainment, as you say, is pretty great.

  3. Suzanne Buggy says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Molly. Don’t shop, adopt!

  4. Molly is awesome… I hope people pay attention to her message.

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