Fling Poop and Skydive with @GoPetFriendly and @ThisOneWildLife!

Rod Burkert of GoPetFriendly Skydives

It’s been a year since the GoPetFriendly RV was parked in our driveway and, boy, do Tim and I miss it. Taking a break from traveling the country reviewing the best pet-friendly places to visit, Amy and Rod Burkert and their dogs Buster and Ty spent a full month with us, although not by choice. Here’s how that happened.

We Blew Up the RV

GoPetFriendly RV

To make our week-long guests more comfortable, Tim had an outlet installed to run the RVs air conditioner. Our attempt at being good hosts went bust. Once connected, flames shot from the fusebox. The microwave went Ffffft. Well, the whole RV went Fffft, really.

And so we made the best of a month of repairs, but not before Amy, navigator extraordinaire, got us lost for 2 hours in my own home town. And we killed my car battery. And we jammed my hood shut on said battery – with two freshly altered rescue dogs in the back seat on a 90 degree day. After all that, we were still nowhere near even. But we were still laughing. Should I mention that all this happened on the same day?

Can I Get a Fffft for Friendship?

Our husbands, who had never met before, fast tracked a friendship that Amy and I already enjoyed. They talked RVs and lifestyle while Amy and I resized our wedding bands. As a foursome, we celebrated our wedding anniversary, Tim’s birthday, and Rod’s birthday, all within 2 weeks. Amy and Rod dog and house sat during my grandmother’s memorial service and crashed our nephew’s graduation party. Everything we did was fun. Even flinging dog poop was a game, which was the only way to survive our clan of four big dogs in a single dog yard. But the best was the 4th of July…

Can I get a Fffft for Fire-free Fireworks?

Happy Birthday CupcakesStumped on Rod’s birthday present, Amy suggested an iPad, and other fun thoughts. Rod, a pretty content guy, had no pressing wants. But he did have a bucket list, and on that bucket list was skydiving.

On the Fourth of July, Rod was about to fall from the sky like a firework. He just didn’t know it. But his good friend Tim wouldn’t let him go it alone. Why make Amy the only widow when we could do that in pairs too?

With the RV in for repairs, the Burkerts moved a few things into our man cave for their extended stay. Solid footwear was not one of those things. So we told Rod we were going on a hike in Saratoga and that he ought to wear something more stable than sandals. At the shoe store, we stifled our snickering as we watched Rob prepare himself for what could be his last birthday wish – given our luck with vehicles and fire.

Can I get a Fffft for a 200+ MPH Freefall?

As we pulled into the the small airstrip and passed the skydiving sign, Rod thought we were on our way to a trail head. Amy dropped the bomb. Rod said “Nooooo” with wholehearted conviction, as if it would change the plan. Threatening rains prolonged dreadful anticipation, but then the skies cleared and the plane took off…

Tim Clune and Rod Burkert

Amy and I weren’t the ones in need of new shorts, but Saratoga Skydiving Adventures provided us with complementary thongs all the same – which we promptly modeled for our brave fellas. We may not be crazy enough to jump from a perfectly good airplane, but we rock all the same.

Saratoga Skydiving


  1. Skydiving accountant – who would ever put those two words together? Happy Birthday Rod!

  2. We just stopped for lunch and saw your post … what a fantastic surprise! We laughed our a**es off watching the video. Gosh, we have fun with you two!! We need to get together again soon. Thank you, thank you for blowing up the Winnebago.

    • So glad you stopped for lunch so we could laugh and reminisce together! Drama-wise, it’s been a fairly uneventful friendship but for this one fantastic “blowup” to kick it off. Thankfully, the outcome couldn’t have been better. Big hugs to you guys and the boys!

  3. Thank goodness. Now I can take one item off my bucket list: watch a really entertaining video of a skydiving adventure. 🙂

    BTW, great strategy, Kim (and Amy). Once your husbands have plummeted from a plane, nothing else you propose will seem scary at all.

    • Good to know that your bucket list is now satisfied as well. Who knew we had that kind of reach? (Although, Amy and Tim do have quite a long and capable toss. You might want to duck.)

      And so true about grooming fearless husbands. Mine and I are traveling to Burning Man next month. As first timers, a certain amount of bravery will surely be required.

  4. Great story. I remember when their RV “broke down” in your driveway. I didn’t realize that you actually sabotaged it to keep them there longer though 😉

    • It’s true. And they haven’t been back since. They just SAY they miss us.

      PS: Congrats on making it to the Petties finals! I’ve been voting for you every day. 🙂

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