Giveaway: 4 Rawhide-Free SmartBones® for Dogs!

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Besides furniture and shoes, we’ve been through the gamut of doggy chew treats. When I was a kid, my dad gave the family dog rawhide, but I later learned about risks of toxicity, choking, and intestinal obstruction. Now that I have dogs of my own, I avoid that stuff altogether – especially after learning about leather’s unregulated chemical processing.

My husband and I tried the Nylabone™ brand for awhile, but as I grew more food conscious and thought about what that actually meant, I was very uncomfortable feeding my dogs plastic. (The elastic in the occasionally errant hair tie is unnatural enough.)


SmartBonesAfter reading about SmartBones®, I was happy to accept their offer of free samples. According to their website, this “next generation dog chew [in the history of dog chews]  has all the benefits of a rawhide chew – without the rawhide.”

Aside from the raw bones we offer, I think SmartBones® are another good bet. Because SmartBones® are made with real, dried chicken breast, my dogs are highly attracted to them (as are the cats). As a vegetarian, even I thought they smelled good.

The outside is vegetable, the inside is chicken jerky, and these chews are the first of their kind to be fortified with vitamins and minerals. (You can read the full list of ingredients based on the chicken, dental and peanut butter flavors.) Best of all, they are 99.2% digestible. What does that mean? Well, according to the website:

To put this in perspective, even the best dog foods achieve only 85% total digestibility. You can rest assured that your dog will get maximum nutritional value from SmartBones chews.


Giving our dogs plenty of space to quell resource guarding, I watched them chew (totally in their faces with the video camera). I was pleased to see the small pieces they gingerly broke off, giving their jaws a good workout without resulting in any stringy stuff. (What would you call it?)

Shamus, our large-mouth Newfy, finished first. Only after he was through did he notice 2 fawns – which he then charged. Emmett took to his SmartBone® and ignored the fawns entirely. (I shortened the film below to just over a minute but left that clip unedited as proof.) Emmett then turned his back on the fawns, blowing my mind entirely. That is surely a seal of true approval.



US and Canadian residents: Want to win 4 SmartBones® for your dog?
Leave a comment below including the word “SmartBone” or “SmartBones”
and the appropriate size required for your dog (mini, small, medium, or large).

Small Dog (5-10 lbs) Mini SmartBones
Small – Medium Dogs (11-25 lbs) Small SmartBones
Medium Dogs (26-50 lbs) Medium SmartBones
Large Dogs (over 50 lbs) Large SmartBones

The sillier you are, the more fun we’ll have.
Example: “That little SmartBone is going to get a medium sized licking!”

Enter before 11:59 PM (ET) Sunday, September 18, 2011.
The winner will be chosen at on Monday, September 19.
Look for the winning announcement in the comments section of this post.

Best of luck to you all!

If you can’t leave your dog’s SmartBone habit to chance, head to any of the 350 PetSmarts that carry SmartBones®, or shop online at and


  1. Smartbones!!! Small

  2. carriesrambles says:

    I’ve got 4 small dogs that are begging for a chance to try some mini size smartbones!

  3. alicia.marie says:

    My large dog LOVES SmartBones! And I feel good about giving them to him!

  4. TroyJohnson says:

    SmartBones Medium

  5. Send me SmartBones and save my table legs!!!!!!

  6. My medium dog would love to get some of your smartbones 🙂

  7. I have 2 large dogs that are always begging for bones PLEASE help

  8. DianeGaither says:

    I have a medium “doghter” who would *LOVE* Medium Smartbones! 🙂

  9. ChristiAdams says:

    Medium Dogs (26-50 lbs) Medium SmartBones …Weeble is so full of energy! And he brings so much love to our life! 🙂

    • @ChristiAdams Congratulations!! Your WEEBLE is the winner of 4 medium SmartBones! Please email your mailing address to kim at thisonewildlife dot com and I’ll get that to the company for shipment ASAP! (Please reply by Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET or another winner will be chosen.)

  10. ChristiAdams says:

    Medium Dogs (26-50 lbs) Medium SmartBones …Weeble is so full of energy! And he brings so much love to our life! 🙂

  11. JeanetteJimmyGregory says:


  12. JeanetteJimmyGregory says:


  13. MicheleSzper says:

    My LARGE puppy would rather chew on a SmartBone instead of my ankle!

  14. MicheleSzper says:

    My LARGE puppy would rather chew on a SmartBone instead of my ankle!

  15. AmandaGeyer says:

    All our Medium dogs study hard and have SmartBones

  16. TeresaMellon says:

    My medium Buddy will enjoy chowing down on those SmartBones for his birthday! 🙂

  17. Puppy-sized, please

  18. AmyLynnSmith says:

    Small Smartbones Please

  19. ChrisSelinsky says:

    My dainty beagle Gracie would LOVE some small SmartBones!!

  20. CaitlinCohen says:

    my two hounds would love to chow down on some medium smart bones ^^

  21. JenniferEllisRoberts says:

    Jack & Cole would love to have some medium Smartbones…& they love peanut butter flavor! That’s awesome!

  22. JodiBradshaw says:

    my medium sized dog loves smartbones!

  23. MichelleSchlund says:

    SmartBone for a SmartDog??? Yummy SmartBones…Large size for me please! I am a Large dog….not little treats for me!! Oh by the way Mom…throw that rawhid over in the neighbors yard for Rex!

  24. My SMARTBONES may be SMALL in size but they are huge on flavor and doggie smiles!

  25. I know my dogs would love the small SmartBones. they used to have an issue with kittie krispies, but have stopped that. but I can never leave a kleenex laying around where they can find it, including in the bathroom trash! the best thing they love to chew is a chunk of raw carrot, and they think that is a treat and start jumping around when they see me get one out of the refrigerator! I have bought them doggie jerkey before and they certainly loved that so much they had to go hide in separate corners to chew them!

  26. JenniferEllisRoberts says:

    What did I miss…I got 0 points?

  27. DonnaL.Winig says:

    Mini SMARTBONES are my dogs favorite treat!

  28. Mt toy fox terrier loves the Large SmatrBones. He walks on his two front feet when he carries them around!

  29. Points aren’t important here. It’s a random drawing. 🙂

  30. JenniferEllisRoberts says:

    @Kim Clune Thank you, I’m new here!! 🙂

  31. My dogs think Mini SmartBones would be magnificent!

  32. JoanBrzoskaGainey says:

    My Frankie would love to try SmartBones in a size large. Since he was a puppy (9 years ago) he gets his ‘bonetime’ at 8pm every day! It’s HIS time to relax and do what he loves.

  33. DonnaDavidPizzolato says:

    My dog Harley chews up every toy including the cats toy that I give him… small SMARTBONES are Harley’s favorite treat to eat!!

  34. My dog Zoe loves mini smartbones and Abby loves large smartbones 😉

  35. please send my dog a smartphone…..oh, wait! sorry, i read this wrong… smartBONES… she said “i’ll take some of those, too… medium, please!”

  36. My hubby sometimes calles my large dog Roscoe- Ignoramous cuz he doesn’t make the wise choices when eating food. I bet if he had Smartbones it would help him make wiser chocies.

  37. speedpitch64 says:

    Hi my Name is Gander. I am a Medium sized dog. I can’t wait to try SmartBones. But I will have to keep it away from the No good treat hiding cat, that loves to put my treats just out of my reach. But if I get one of these I will protect it like a Huge dog. It’s not about size, but attitude.

  38. My two new puppies would love some small smartbones. Maybe then they would stop chewing everything else! Oh, who am I kidding! Puppies just chew…and chew…and chew.

  39. HeatherCardinal says:

    My pug Bruno has a large personality and would love some smart bones!

  40. justlivin55 says:

    I am (girl voice) Simba and I am (boy voice)Milo..We are large dogs with big mouths and we have asked and asked for Smart Bones but I guess we have not behaved well enough to get them. So since they are a bone and has the word Smart in it, we thought we would enter this contest and maybe win and then we can get some and show our owner how SmartBone made us smarter and she will buy us some…….

    (I think she is tired of us chewing on other things)

  41. JessicaSzuch says:

    I sometimes wonder what entices my dog to eat the things she does. She has tasted everything but the kitchen sink! You would think she has a stomach of steel. I’m certain she would love some Smart Bones to wash down my shoe 🙂

  42. WilliamGoldberg says:

    My name is SmartyPants. I am named for SmartBones!

  43. WilliamGoldberg says:

    My name is SmartyPants. I am named for SmartBones!

  44. JudeSkockiKelly says:

    my mini papillions are so good they get Smart Bones treats daily. So glad they are healthy and not artificial. Not to mention the fact that they are good for their teeth. Thank you !! 🙂

  45. JudeSkockiKelly says:

    my mini papillions are so good they get Smart Bones treats daily. So glad they are healthy and not artificial. Not to mention the fact that they are good for their teeth. Thank you !! 🙂

  46. CindyChromack-Brown says:

    My dog maddie, loves to steal the large smartbones off of my german shepard, and drag them to her hidding place (under my bed). Funny thing is the smart bones are bigger then she is!

  47. My dogs seriously need some SmartBones. They let my hen take their food yesterday afternoon. I must have been feeding them DumbBones.

  48. My dogs seriously need some SmartBones. They let my hen take their food yesterday afternoon. I must have been feeding them DumbBones.

  49. LisaGregoryKnouse says:

    my name is Lucy and i would love some smart bones i was just saved from almost being put to sleep by my p revise owner im a large dog and i would love to try some delicious treats!!!

  50. My name is Roscoe (the highly intelligent family cat), and I live with Sissy, AJ & Joe (the family dogs)…..Please give them some Smart Bones..they could use some “smarts”…….

  51. I forgot to mention size large! Yep, my dogs are big and the hen still took their table scraps away from them.

  52. SamanthaJones says:

    I think Small SmartBones make my small dog smarter, he won’t stop talking about them!

  53. SamanthaJones says:

    I think Small SmartBones make my small dog smarter, he won’t stop talking about them!

  54. sbradshaw2834 says:

    My large labs will love licking those delicious SmartBones!

  55. SarahNicholas says:

    Having a party and a medium size Smart bone is the guest of honor.

  56. KaraMarieYork says:

    There are no bones about it. Daisy Duke & Marley would love some Large SmartBones!

  57. KathleenKnight says:

    My dog needs Smartbones …the large ones….because otherwise she will find something else to chew……like my passport and $220 cash….ouch…

  58. Radar has long ears,

    Toby a loud mouth;

    These small and medium dogs

    Need a break from the heat in the south.

    We know we want Smartbones

    We would never be considered dumb;

    Our master told us to enter this contest

    So your company could give us some!!

  59. KarrieFountain says:

    My dog has never tried SmartBones. He would need a large size bone, his name is Tank, and he sure is one!

  60. My LARGE German Shepherd needs SmartBones!!

  61. I’ve adopted 3 Italian Greyhounds who love to chew chew chew!!! They would really love to try their own small smartbones so they don’t have to steal their friends when they visit!! 🙂

  62. CherylSirote says:

    Would love to win the Smartbones for my dog. He loves them, He eats them all the time. Hope I can win any bones. lol

  63. KrisPeterson says:

    My small dog went to the medium, who said, “I see SmartBones in your future”!

  64. CrystalHalstead says:

    My cockapoo puppy love to chew on anything so these would be great!!

  65. DeeOhGee is his name, SmartBones are his thing. A LARGE boy he is, for a SmartBone I’m sure to get a kiss!

  66. AddieQuigley says:

    My Cairn Terrier Jake would love some little SmartBones – his best friend Opie the Puggle is staying with us and Jake wants to be a good hist and offer his guest a healthy treat!

  67. CherylSirote says:

    Forgot to give you the size of the bone. Either miedium or if he wants to play w/it for a while large is ok too. Not fussy on size. I buy all sizes except for the itty bitty ones. I’m affraid he might choke on small pieces.

  68. LanaMasonAnderson says:

    My Medium size Chocolate Cocker would love some smartbones.

  69. RicardoReyes says:

    Four Smartbones to make my Mini’s smarter.

  70. LaurieBennettSmith says:

    My small herd of Miniature Pinschers would flip, dance, speak, sit, and run cirlces for some SmartBones. They love to chew and love yummy treats!Laurie S

  71. I’d like some Smartbones for my three canine kids. I got two pit mixes, Friday Jethro and Flour, and a chihuahua/mini pin named Scrappy Doo. I need size medium because Scrappy Doo is the boss and he wants bigger bones, too.

  72. My lab Messi would love to mess around with a SMARTbone :-).

  73. Three Chihuahuas and a Shih Tzu … It’s like east meets west, but they don’t care. All they know is mini Smartbones are the best.

    • @LrodBTX The new winner of four mini SmartBones is Lisa Rodriguez, her 3 Chihuahuas and her Shih Tzu! Lisa, please email your shipping address to kim at thisonewildlife dot com and we’ll get those happy pups their prizes!

  74. KarenKamys-Kane says:

    My chocolate lab Mousse doesn’t have a Smartbone in his body! But would love some to chew!

  75. Reneé Brenner Devantier says:

    I can’t get the page to load

  76. KimberleyLatta-Kim says:

    When I call my dog to come eat–I say–come here little Smartbone!!

  77. My large Shepherds think they are thugs,They say “leave the small Smartbones for all the Pugs!”

  78. sweetiepie2410 says:

    Zeuss is an American Staffordshire who loves to chew, but the smalls one just won’t do, they only last a second (if that) large is what he needs to feed his habit 🙂

  79. Trix may be fur kids but Smart Bones are fur me…and I’m not sharing with the cat!

  80. Try again in just a bit, Renee. The giveaway got posted on the SmartBones FB page and 70 people immediately left comments one after another. Since it’s working for them, I think traffic is just really busy. So sorry for the inconvenience.

  81. I have a Cocker named Lucy or (Lucyfur) as we call her!! Lucyfur has a paper fetish, toiletpaper! We have tried everything to keep her out of the bathroom, toys, rawhide chews, you name it! Maybe a Smartbone will have what it takes to keep her way from the Roll!! The first second someone forgets to close the door Lucyfur’s radar goes off and she is in the bathroom! You will catch her in the hallway with toilet paper hanging out of her mouth while it is still connected to the roll. It’s hard not to do anything but laugh when you look at the goof, Lucy will give you a look of “What’s wrong?” As the paper is drapped out of the sides of her mouth!! LOL

  82. @uskathy SmartBones would be a great diversion for my medium lab mix rescue undergoing medical treatment

  83. I forgot to mention Lucyfur is a medium size dog! Thank you! :o)

  84. heathersinmi says:

    My three itty bitty dogs would love these smartbones. Hopefully they’d each be able to enjoy one without any of the others stealing them.

  85. My three Pugs would love to try some of the “small Smartbones”!

  86. Lucas is my name and Smartbone’s are my game.. give me a medium one so I can get a lickin’!

  87. Lucas is my name and SmartBone’s are my game.. give me a medium one so I can get a linkin’ and a chewin’!

  88. ThGeneralStore says:

    No DumbBones about it, Sparky may be small in stature, but not in brain power – SmartBones have her attention!

  89. ThGeneralStore says:

    No DumbBones about it, Sparky may be small in stature, but not in brain power – SmartBones have her attention!

  90. Snoopysstory says:

    Ooooh, yes please!! I’d love a Smartbone!!

    I weigh 47lbs, maybe I can put on a few more pounds before the competition closes so I can have a large one?! Tee Hee – they look so yummy!! 🙂

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  91. BenjaminLuo says:


  92. cosmosparda says:

    I would love to get my dog some SmartBones. She is a medium dog who loves rawhides but i’ve heard there not so good so i’d like to try the alternative

  93. HELP!! I have 3 little ones that need a good bone!!! Sammy is small and Earnhardt and Junior are Medium. I have tried so many and they have failed. I am new to your product and would love to try it out and give a review!! 🙂 Thanks!!

  94. SherryGordon-Shulik says:

    My two sweetheart dogs would love small Smartbones to entertain them and enjoy. Halo and Frankie would send a great big thank you

  95. MariaS_Handmade says:

    My Australian Shepherds Aussie and Lizzie are already wagging their tales thinking about their large SmartBones! 🙂

  96. TheresaE.Wilson says:

    My two jack russell’s would love to try Smartbones and they would like to try the medium ones. They need something new as they’re tired of the old. Out with the old, in with the new.

  97. my schnauzer ozzy is a smartbones lover. he grabs it right out of my hand because he just can’t wait

  98. wellnessdenise says:

    My medium dog loves her small SmartBones for her large appettite.

  99. AmandaKabasta says:

    My new puppy Lylah would love a small SmartBone to chew on! Would make a great alternative to the cords and shoes she’s making a habit of chewing on now!

  100. ShelbyOrtez says:

    Would love to try out your smartbones for all the dogs that come to visit my office during the day. Most of them are medium sized. Thank you very much for the offer!

  101. KatieCanady says:

    I have two pugs there always chewing on a bone. They have never tried smartbones its an awesome opportunity to try them.There closer to medium they eat good and doc says there both healthy!

  102. burlesonmom says:

    My 100 lb. Bloodhound (Tater) needs “LARGE” Smartbones after dragging me down the driveway like a runaway horse chasing squirrels up the trees this morning. It wasn’t funny then but now thinking back, it is! lol I bet my neighbors were laughing too!!

  103. chihuahuas3 says:

    I have 3 chihuahuas and they love love to try the Mini SmartBones

  104. SherryGordon-Shulik says:

    I meant to say that we are looking to replace Halo and Frankie’s chew treats because they smell bad and sometimes it doesn’t digest well. Thanks for doing this for all of our 4 legged family members. Sherry

  105. MicheleVisconti says:

    I have 2 dogs part chihuahua / jack russells who would love to sink their teeth into a small smartbone 🙂

  106. BelindaMariePerez says:

    I’d be so excited to try smartbones! We have 2 medium size labs 🙂

  107. MicheleVisconti says:

    we would love to have some small smartbones to chew on, Yummy!! we are part chihuahua / jack russels and we are always looking for a new treat 🙂

  108. SarinaDevellen-VanHook says:

    My Marley is a medium size pain in the butt..Sometimes I wonder if he has a smartbone in his body! (Can’t help but love him!)

  109. MinnieMickey says:

    My dog will definitely have a bone to pick w/me if I don’t get those SmartBones 🙂 or will it be 🙁 ??!!

  110. frytaleprncss says:

    Our Mastiff/ Great Dane mix, Honey, would love to have some Large Smartbones to chomp as an alternative to our trash cans and every loaf of bread she can get her paws on. This would totally make the day for everyone in the house!

  111. SherryGordon-Shulik says:

    Theresa, It’s not just out with the old and in with the new. It’s out with the old and in with the CHEW!

  112. ShannonHarvill says:

    my 3lb yorkie would love a small sized smartbone that won’t weigh he down when she tries to walk with it. thanks

  113. ChristiPawlukovich says:

    My Scout, an Assie mix, needs at least ONE SmartBone in his body….and if he only gets one, it’ll have to be large enough to keep him from trying to swallow treats BEFORE he chews them!!

  114. my Chihuahua would absolutely love some medium size smart bones

  115. Please send my Cosmo some Medium Smartbones to chew on instead of my comforter.
    Thanks !

  116. I forgot to say that I’m a small guy so I’d be very happy with small sized Smartbones

    *luv & snoogles* from gizmo

  117. ShawnThayer says:

    What did the medium size Smartbone say to the 50 lb. pitbull? Nothing. Smartbones aren’t THAT smart. Geez!

  118. SherryGordon-Shulik says:

    My son told me to say that our oldest dog is very smart, but I need to beg you to send our youngest one some Smartbones because he doesn’t think that one has any smarts! Of course I’m our dogs mama and to me they are both perfect.

  119. HeatherlynnJonescue-Prohaska says:

    my Smartbone dogs seem to only want to chew on my large underware……

  120. ShaunaPrice says:

    I can’t wait for my dog to try the small smartbones! 🙂

  121. I love to get treats, the Smartbones for medium dogs would be perfect for me.

  122. SherryGordon-Shulik says:

    Okay, all day today I’ve been reading what people have posted and now I have the thought that there needs to be SmartBones for some people. I’m sure all of us know people who could use a little something extra in the smarts department. Nice people, sweet people, but a little challenged in a specific aspect of their life.

  123. My German Shepherd and Beagle like smartbones…they would enjoy medium smartbones…Thanks and I look forward to receiving some yummy smartbones for my good little doggies.

  124. Cali would love some large smartbones! We used to give her a greenie on Friday nights until we found out how many calories they had! Then we started giving her the Dental Chews from the vet (which are just like rawhide) . .I can’t bear to watch her goo them all up and then swallow them almost whole- YUCK!! (It seems like an emergency vet trip just waiting to happen). We still can’t say “It’s Friday!” without her getting excited . . poor girl . .we haven’t come up with a replacement Friday night treat 🙁 Maybe smart bones are just the ticket!

  125. lilsassylass says:

    Odie was very unhappy with his enema at the vet’s office. He hopes large smartbones pass more gently than large balls of foil.

  126. SherryGordon-Shulik says:

    So sorry. Hope Odie will be okay


  127. Poor Odie 🙁 @lilsassylass

  128. TiffanyMatthews says:

    My new little friend Dixie would love to try the medium Smartbones. We adopted her from the shelter a couple months ago and it is our first with a young dog, boy is she hyper and loves to chew. Smartbones would be perfect for her! Thanks for the opportunity and chance at winning Smartbones!

  129. Large Smartbones make large tongues wag!

  130. Large Smartbones cause large grins.

  131. Large dogs love large Smartbones in their very full tummies.

  132. MollyFinneganJacob says:

    Arthur – my husky shepherd mix says [in scooby doo voice of course] “I rould RUV to try a large SmartBone!”

  133. luluandwally says:

    Small Smartbones sound BIG on benefits! We’d love to try them!

  134. DeonKennedy says:

    Sasha would love smartbones! She’s my english mastiff. Large smartbones please!

  135. SandiWheeler says:

    My kids would love for our dogs, especially Prince, to try some medium Smartbones so he would quit munching on their toys!

  136. ILuvRetrievers says:

    Lylia used her LARGE mouth to tell Shadow to go chew on a table leg so I would get the hint that they wanted some SmartBones for their large sized mouths.

  137. CathyPhifer says:

    My 15 year old Maltese has had but his four canines and 4 molares removed BUT he still loves to chew SMALL dummy bones for my smart dog!

  138. AngelaNealStroud says:


    This is how our 2-year-old Ginger would describe SmartBones. She SO needs some SmartBones. Small please.

  139. I forgot to mention that Sissy, AJ & Joe would like medium Smart Bones please.

  140. Smart owners give their bright dogs SmartBones.

  141. CONGRATULATIONS to @ChristiAdams !! Your WEEBLE is the winner of 4 medium SmartBones! Please email your mailing address to kim at thisonewildlife dot com for shipment. (Please reply by Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET or another winner will be chosen.)

    You all were such a HOOT! Thank you for playing!

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