Blackfish Killer Whale Trainer Makes Big Splash at New York’s Animal Advocacy Day

John Hargrove is co-sponsoring the Orca Welfare and Safety Act in California and similar proposed legislation in New York, hoping to end the use of killer whales in captivity for entertainment. Needs a Kick in the Ass! #BTC4A

Be the Change for Animals, the website that we’ve come to know, love, and utterly take for granted, needs a face lift and an attitude adjustment. It’s grown lazy, tired, and has no spark. I don’t like where we’ve ended up since our beautiful founding moment. So, as of right now, I’m 100% back.

Every African Elephant Lost Within 20 Years?

Every single day, 100 African elephants are slaughtered for their tusks. Unless we take action, this beloved animal will be gone forever in the next 20 years .

What Can Blogging Do for Animal Welfare?

Kim Clune has strategically harnessed the power of new media to enhance animal advocacy efforts both domestic and wild.

Raise $5000 for Rescue Pets This Week – Just Tweet and Post! #BTC4A

Rescue pets receive $1 from @Petco at @BarkWorldExpo for each #BTC4A tweet from Oct 22-27!

Protect Jaguar’s Southwestern Habitat – #BTC4A

Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect all habitat needed for jaguar recovery in the Southwest.

Bloggers, Readers, Unite for Dog Rescue on July 23!

Help homeless dogs find rescue volunteers, foster families, sponsors, and loving homes. Spread the word about the importance of dog rescue on July 23!

The Honest Kitchen: A Gift of Change for Senior Pets

The Honest Kitchen’s limited-edition, all-natural Holiday Treat Pack is gracing our favorite dog-loving friends’ cupboard. Here’s why.

Petland and Puppy Mills: Stop the Madness #btc4a

Tell Petland to stop selling puppies and kittens. Put puppy mills out of business!

Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals

This Fall, take a stand (and walk) to end the cruel and horrific practices of factory farming!

Happy Birthday, BTC4animals!

BTC4animals’ guilt free zone, 4animals, touts the majesty of the animal kingdom and inspiration for another month of advocacy!

Please Nominate Be the Change for Animals

Please nominate Be the Change for Animals to win the 2011 Petties Awards as best blog for animal welfare and use of social media. Our 11K volunteers and supporters deserve this win for making BTC so successfull.

Universe Aligns for BAD RAP and Pit Bull Education

Why not blend several tasty organizations together into a single serve initiative of Alphabet Soup? We did, and for such a great cause! BAD RAP!