Sensible Feline: Free Cat-Lover Resource

Sensible Feline: Free Cat-Lover Resource

Sensible Feline I’m happy to introduce the Sensible Feline Blogger Edition, a free, online resource for cat lovers written by cat lovers.

The Sensible Feline Blogger Edition provides 13 articles with plenty of useful, healthful and even trendy cat knowledge spanning from weight issues to fun ways to furnish your cat-inhabited home. Each post highlights feline products and care tips that just make good sense.

These articles are brought you by bloggers you know and trust and I feel I am in great company as a contributor myself. The full catalog includes:


Paper Recycling Eco-Cat

Eco-friendly CatMy cat, Jed, is a rock climbing, tight-rope walking, spelunking adventurist.

He climbs the stone fireplace, balances on the balcony rail, and curls into any dark cavernous hole he can find, from unzipped suitcases under the bed to the crawl space under the living room.

And he’s eco-friendly too…

I dug this footage out of the can to demonstrate. (Volume is must.)

Cats Learn Magnetic Poetry

Cats Learn Magnetic Poetry

Jed and KimIf animals could speak our language, what would they say? Now we know.

Our cats found a way to communicate – using magnetic poetry. And with the mastering of this poetic persuasion came a surprising request for an  item believed to spark further communication.

Rest assured, fostering feline creativity is not my desire. These cats already outsmart me on a daily basis. I need no more of that. Besides, this request is just plain unhealthy…

What’s on your cat’s mind?

Cat Naps

Cat Naps

I’ve been surrounded by so many wonderful animals and animal people in San Diego. Still, I’m ready to get home to all my boys tonight. After after a little cat nap, I’ve got so much to share with you. For now, I travel … and sleep.

Kim Cat Naps

Kim Cat Nap


Tree Hugging Cats

Tree Hugging Cats

Tree ClimberWhile my kittens learned to fly like bumble bees during the first outing of their lives, that wasn’t all they learned. Tree hugging at towering heights also made the list.

Spurred on by squirrels (of course, it’s always the squirrels), the kittens surely felt they had something to prove. The rodent skillfully scaled each branch to the top and leapt to the next tree. It didn’t take long before the kittens followed at half pace.

Since one surely couldn’t be outdone by the other, Jed was the first to fly up the trunk and was followed soon after by Jackson. (The video may not reflect this accurately, but their mother remembers well.)

Uneasy about what to do once each climbed a full story up, both took the leap of their lives and landed safely on the ground. Bungee jumpers, eat your hearts out. And to all the mothers of kittens like me, hide your eyes. This is not for the feint of heart! (If you can’t see the video, visit “Tree Hugging Cats” on YouTube.)