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Paper Recycling Eco-Cat

Eco-friendly Cat

My cat, Jed, is a rock climbing, tight-rope walking, spelunking adventurist. And he’s eco-friendly too…

Cats Learn Magnetic Poetry

Jed and Kim

If animals could speak our language, what would they say? Now we know.

Cat Naps

Kim Cat Naps

I’ve been surrounded by so many wonderful animals and animal people in San Diego. Still, I’m ready to get home to all my boys.

Tree Hugging Cats

Tree Climber

While my kittens learned to fly like bumble bees during the first outing of their lives, that wasn’t all they learned. Tree hugging at towering heights also made the list.

The Cats and the Bees

Stalking Jed

The fun that cats Jed and Jackson experienced chasing every carpenter bee, squirrel and cracking leaf likely made for the best day of their lives.

Kittens: You Just Can’t Get Enough

Jed and Jackson

By request, more pictures of our kittens. And yes, I’m more than happy to oblige.