Fling Poop and Skydive with @GoPetFriendly and @ThisOneWildLife!

What began as dog poop toss between GoPetFriendly and This One Wild Life ended with a 200 mph skydiving adventure.

Arrival in Ghana: I Made It

Landing in Accra, Ghana: My first impressions and meeting with other Village Volunteers

Jamaica… It’s Not Ghana, but It’s Close.

Destination Ghana is derailed by Delta, but Jamaica, Queens has it’s perks.

John Granville 1974-2008

BufferI just learned about the murder of John Granville , a 33 year old USAID official gunned down in Sudan on January 1. His family is from Angola, NY, my own home town. Although we have never met, this sad news occupies a place in my heart, not only because we have ties to the […]