Every African Elephant Lost Within 20 Years?

Every single day, 100 African elephants are slaughtered for their tusks. Unless we take action, this beloved animal will be gone forever in the next 20 years .

If Two Black Bears Fornicate on the Front Lawn…

So many bad “bare bears” jokes could go with this bad video… but its truly what happened one dark and rainy June night at our cabin in the woods.

The Moustachioed Wildlife of May!

Move over, Movember. You’ve got nothing on May’s wild mustaches sported by squirrels, phoebes, robins and tree swallows!

Black Bear Signals End of Bird Feeding Season

An early visit from a black bear ends our winter bird feeding as he snacks on the last of the black oil sunflower seeds.

Portrait of a Passing Porcupine

Freed from that which ailed her, our porcupine visitor became both finite and perpetual. And I will never forget her perfection as she blessed my life with the tremendous gift of her presence.

Porcupine Situation Gets Sticky

Dangerous for the dogs, and for the porcupine, that she slept in the open where coyotes are known to traverse, it was time she moved on.

Wild Baby Animals: The Next Generation

Wild baby animals have sprung with the coming of Spring: Robins, Phoebes, Tree Swallows and Red Squirrels

Caption This #43 – Squirrel Squee!

You guys should have a field day captioning this happy, little squirrel… Caption This!

Cruising the Mexican Riviera via San Diego

We saw shore birds, pigeons and fish pulled fresh from the water at the Empire Beach pier as we rode a silver Mustang through and around San Diego before our cruise.

Halt BLM’s Deadly Wild Horse Roundups

Stop the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from stampeding thousands of wild American horses from protected lands.

Caption This #14 – A Bad Day!

Whatchya got to say? Caption This!

Avalon Sunrise

BufferThe Jersey Shore wakes slowly … as do I this week. Vacation. Bliss. While I intend to capture a perfect ocean sunrise this year, sleeping in rules the day. Below you’ll find photos taken in previous years when I was eager to rise and shine with the sun. Just me and nature on magical mornings …

Caption This #12 – Eat Up, Kids!

Whatchya got to say? Caption This!

Caption This #9 – Baby Bird!

Caption this! (It’s a Phoebe hatchling, in case you wondered.)