The UnToys

Birding CatWhat isn’t a toy with curious kittens? For our 6 month old cats, everything, and I mean everything, is a game in their exploration of the world.

  • They’ve played for – and with – the camera.
  • They’ve played with fire.
  • They’ve played with dog tags as they dangle from the dog’s neck.
  • They’ve commandeered remnant rolls of toilet paper.
  • And they’ve scaled the mother of all bird cages – filled with birds.

A friend recently said, ” You know, they won’t be like this forever. There will come a time when all they do is sleep.”

All I can say is, “We aren’t there yet.”
And really, for now, we wouldn’t want it any other way.


  1. My last tweet? It was from the cat… What he meant to say was “Watch my video!” via uberVU

  2. I could not agree more – I would love to have a six month old puppy forever, minus the chewing!

    • Ugh.
      The chewing.
      And the clawing.
      The chewing AND the clawing.
      The chewing and clawing of MY TOES.

      Yeah, I could do without that part…
      but I suspect I'd miss it.

      No. No I wouldn't.

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