Turkeys on Ice – LIVE! More Fun than in Your Freezer

Turkeys chased by a cat

Pirouetting Turkeys on Ice – Almost

Watching wild turkeys, as they comically slip and slide downhill, is more fun than staring down dead birds in your freezer. Who needs TV in these parts when you have a window? This video is worth 1 minute and 17 seconds of your time.  Be sure to stick around for the surprisingly ambitious stray cat at the end!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Side note: We don’t have snow yet. This was shot last year. I just finally pulled the footage for edit.

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  1. I’ve had some close calls with wild turkeys on my bike. Nothing seems to frighten them.

    I guess I’ll just have to ride in the snow when their footing is off.

  2. That kitty is so cute!!

    • He really is, Julie. He’s a stray who had a tough winter that year, but we enticed him with food and got him into a wonderful rescue at AnimalKind. He never has to hunt turkeys again!

  3. Oh my goodness… the music makes it. Brilliant.

  4. It’s like a scene from Disney’s Fantasia! Are these turkeys regular visitors to your home? Clearly I have been living in the city far too long…

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