Once I return from volunteering in Kenya, reading through my pre-trip expectations should prove interesting. I jot a few here with anticipation of a more poignant reality to come…

  • Heat, lots of it
  • Hot, humid, lingering odors – livestock, people, the lou
  • Mosquitoes
  • Immense, true and valuable joy for all triumphs great and small
  • The greatest sense of the word community
  • A growing disgust for my country’s obsession with “more”
  • A strengthened appreciation for all that I have
  • A strong commitment toward responsible consumption of less
  • The internal conflict born by bridging two distinct realities with my soul
  • Knots – the ones in my back from shouldering the sorrows of the families I work with and the thought of having to leave them
  • And the deepest satisfaction that can come only from being the slightest comfort to another human being