NoahThanks to,  Sept. 19 – 25 is  Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week. To that end, I joined my husband, Dog Adoption Director of a local rescue to meet some of the organization’s available dogs.


Noah is an affectionate 5-year-old Shepherd/Husky mix who was recently diagnosed with Heartworm. Heartworm is deadly if untreated, and the treatment can be deadly as well. What this poor dog has been through is nothing less than traumatizing.

Noah is nearing the other side. Rescued from the streets, significant improvement to Noah’s diet and four weeks of strict confinement during treatment has ensured a full recovery. He’ll soon be neutered and ready for a happy, healthy life with a loving family. And who couldn’t love this stoic dog?

NoahUnfortunately, dogs with health issues are often overlooked, even if they have since recovered. Let’s spread the word about my new friend and see if we can grant him the life he deserves.

See Noah’s beautiful spirit in full action (or as much action as he’s allowed) in the video below.