Dog Food JedHave I walked straight into a science fiction film? After unearthing old footage of my cats, I can’t help but recall The Fly (1986) and it’s famous line “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

One dark and dreary night, the sounds of shuffling, scratching, and gluttonous chewing grew louder from the unlit corners of our home. I crept closer with trepidation and hurried to flick on the light. In the harsh halogen glare, a failed science experiment lay strewn about our kitchen floor.

I watched with horror as two distinct beings merged into a genetically-balanced fusion of cat and feed bag, each wrestling with the other to retain identity. This was no Brundlefly. This was worse. This, my friends, was a violently ravenous Kibblecat.

The transformation happened so quickly, I could hardly catch my breath. In mere seconds, all that was left of Jed was his tail.I feared for his life but stood helpless. Only Jackson knew how to reverse the calamity …

Could Jackson save Jed, extricating his brother from the feed bag once and for all? Or will the Kibblecat swallow Jed whole? Watch “Bad Cats are Happening in the Dark” and find out for yourself!

‘Tis the season for horror and hell cats… How are yours celebrating the ghoulish holiday?