Jed's HairballToday is supposedly National Hairball Awareness Day. Googling it for veracity, sure enough, it exists, as does a day to celebrate cheese of the grilled variety. Oddly, nobody can accurately pinpoint which date this takes place.

Having been celebrated on April 27th since 2006 (or, at least that’s how far back internet records go), and Animal Planet break with tradition and list the 2010 celebration for today. Several reporters and bloggers have done the same. With a sudden and unexplained hiccup in the annual cycle, no druids on hand to consult, and others covering the topic 3 days ago, I’ll assume there has been some confusion and that I’m late to the party. But, hey, I’m now aware so all is not lost.

That said, hairballs suck. Groom your cat and all that, lest they turn out items like this. It’s just not healthy.

Jed's Nasty Hairball

And I now direct you to the National Museum of Health and Medicine’s Virtual Museum of Hairballs. Displayed annually (beginning every April 27th, mind you), it explores the myths and realities behind these medical curiosities. I warn you now, the photos at the bottom are awe inspiring and, well, gross. Enjoy.

…And beware the hairball.