Blog the Change for AnimalsJust a quick word about Blog the Change for Animals … happening this week and hosted by!

The event is July 15th and it works just like the Saturday Blog Hop.  Have a blog?  Write about a cause near and dear to your heart. Inspire your audience to get involved! Then list yourself so everybody can see and support the efforts sweeping throughout our community.

The beauty of Blog the Change, as inspired by the fine folks at BlogPaws, is the sense of community and good will it inspires. takes this one step futher. Beyond spinning off toward our own passions with no mechanism to reconnect, the list allows for us to reconvene as a community, to share links, comments, support, ideas and camaraderie.

Get the badge, spread the word, and let’s hop in on it! Read how at

Oh, and these events will take place quarterly.
If you love the feel-good energy it generates like I do, mark your calendars!