Rescue Me

Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue

Let’s help homeless dogs find rescue volunteers, foster families, sponsors, and loving homes. Spread the word about the importance of dog rescue on July 23!

Not a blogger? Leave a comment on your favorite posts and share article links on your favorite social media networks!


Let’s do more than talk about the millions of beautiful, healthy dogs put down each year due to overcrowding in shelters. Let’s inspire people to feel good about being involved with rescue, in whatever capacity they so choose.

  • Tell a beautiful story about a simple volunteer experience or a dog you’ve personally fostered or rescued.
  • Write about a dog whose life is positively changed thanks to even the smallest bit of human intervention.
  • Share how a rescue dog has positively impacted his or her human.

Most people are aware that a overpopulation problem exists, but they can’t see themselves as part of the solution.  We all know that hands-on help is most needed, so add an easy call to action. Baby steps are fine.

If answering phones at a local rescue makes somebody fall in love with a furry friend, we can applaud one more dog saved through a meaningful connection and the addition of one more rescue advocate to our community. Because there can never be enough of either.


Thanks to Blog CatalogDog Rescue Success, and Be the Change for Animals for promoting this event. (click their links for more on how to participate.) And thanks to everyone who plans to take part. See you then!